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Rajesh Bhosale

Organic Chemistry
Postdoc with External Senior Fellow Maria Anita Rampi and Junior Fellow Aurelio Mateo-Alonso


Dr. Rajesh S. Bhosale received his MSc in organic chemistry from SRTM, University Nanded, India in 2002. He received his PhD in chemistry, working on synthetic supramolecular photosystems at University of Geneva, Switzerland in 2009 under the supervision of Professor Stefan Matile. From March 2010 to February 2011, he worked as SNSF postdoctoral fellow in the group of Professor Timothy M. Swager at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Since April 2011 he is working at the School of Soft Matter Research of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) on the synthesis of large heteroacenes and azocompounds for molecular devices and machines as a Postdoctoral Researcher with Professor Maria Anita Rampi and Dr. Aurelio Mateo-Alonso.


FRIAS Project

Synthesis and preparation of molecular devices of large aromatic π-conjugated azo and heteroacene compounds.


Selected Publications

  1. R. Bhosale, R.S.K. Kishore, V. Ravikumar, O. Kel, E. Vauthey, N. Sakai, S. Matile. Zipper Assembly of SHJ Photosystems: Focus on Red Naphthalenediimides, Optoelectronic Finetuning and Topological Matching, Chem. Sci. 2010, 1, 357-368
  2. N. Sakai, R. Bhosale, D. Emery, J. Mareda, S. Matile. Supramolecular n/p-Heterojunction Photosystems with Antiparallel Redox Gradients in Electron- and Hole-Transporting Pathways, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 6923-6925
  3. R. Bhosale, J. Míšek, N. Sakai, S. Matile. Supramolecular n/p-Heterojunction Photosystems with Oriented Multicolored Antiparallel Redox Gradients (OMARG-SHJs), Chem. Soc. Rev. 2010, 39, 138-149
  4. R. Bhosale, A. Perez-Velasco, V. Ravikumar, R.S.K. Kishore, O. Kel, A. Gomez-Casado, P. Jonkheijm, J. Huskens, P. Maroni, M. Borkovec, T. Sawada, E. Vauthey, N. Sakai, S. Matile. Topologically Matching Supramolecular n/p-Heterojunction Architectures, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 6461-6464
  5. R. Bhosale, S. Bhosale, G. Bollot, V. Gorteau, M.D. Julliard, S. Litvinchuk, J. Mareda, S. Matile, T. Miyatake, F. Mora, A. Perez-Velasco, N. Sakai, A.L. Sisson, H. Tanaka, D.-H. Tran. Synthetic Multifunctional Nanoarchitecture in Lipid Bilayers: Ion Channels, Sensors, and Photosystems, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 2007, 80, 1044-1057