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Theoretical Aspects of Soft Matter Systems

Wann 29.04.2010
von 10:10 bis 14:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum, Albertstr. 19, 79104 Freiburg
Kontakttelefon +49 761 203 97418
Teilnehmer Open to University employees
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Soft Matter Research Symposium

Theoretical Aspects of Soft Matter Systems

10:10 am Welcome by Directors, School of Soft Matter Research
10:15 am Florian Mintert, Freiburg
"Many-Body Quantum Coherence: Target and Fuel"
10:40 am Seth Olsen, Brisbane
"Photodynamical Pathway Selection in Environmentally
Responsive Dyes"
11:05 am Lutz Maibaum, Stanford
"Understanding and Utilizing Membrane Interactions
with Synthetic and Biological Components"
11:30 am  Dario Bercioux, Freiburg
"Modeling Quantum Transport at the Nanoscopic Scale"
11:55 am  Coffee Break
12:15 pm Francesco Rao, Strasbourg
"Dynamics of Complex Systems in Biophysics"
12:40 pm Thomas Wellens, Freiburg
"Coherent Quantum Transport with Interactions or Nonlinearities"
1:05 pm Oliver Mülken, Freiburg
"Dynamics in Complex Systems: Quantum Gases and Biomolecules"