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Black Forest Focus 5

Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter 5: 
Self-Assembly on all Scales

Date: 24-27 May 2011


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Scientific Coordinators:

  • Miko Elwenspoek, FRIAS & MESA+, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Jan G. Korvink, FRIAS, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Eugenia Kumacheva, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Isao Shimoyama, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Andrew Turberfield, University of Oxford, England



Workshop Announcement

In this workshop we invite researchers working on experiment, theory and computer simulation in quite different fields relevant for the self-assembly process. The fields range from self-assembly processes in biology, such as the folding of proteins into 3D structures and the self-assembly of DNA molecules, synthesis of artificial units, growth of colloidal crystals (with emphasis on anisotropic particles), to packaging in nano- and microelectromechanical systems.

Self-assembly has proven its value on macromolecular scale and there are many strong indications that this process also works well on larger scales. It seems to be one of very few processes, if not the only one, to assemble three-dimensional systems from units in the size range of 10 nanometers to 10 micrometers. Its relevance has been demonstrated in MEMS packaging and in the growth of colloidal crystals.

During the past years many ways have been found to synthesize or machine particles in this size range with complex structures: there are many different forms, many different materials and particles with chemical anisotropy leading e.g. to amphiphilic particles. This results in possibilities to grow colloidal crystals and other structures with low symmetry having interesting physical properties. Also more process schemes for the self-assembly, using time and space varying constraints, have been found potentially leading to more complex structures and even complex three-dimensional functional systems such as 3D electrical circuits or memories.

All speakers, by invitation only, are internationally recognized experts in their research areas.
The workshop will additionally feature an evening poster session where workshop attendees can present and informally discuss their research results.



Call for papers:

We would like to bring your attention to the Journal of Materials Chemistry / Soft Matter web-based thematic issue “FRIAS - Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter”.
This issue consists of a series of articles (communications, full-papers, features, highlights) submitted by invited speakers or participants of the Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter, in order to make the ideas of the workshop available to a broader audience.
The “FRIAS - Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter” web-based theme issue considers submissions made to Journal of Materials Chemistry or to Soft Matter, in order to accommodate the diverse backgrounds of the participants, which also ensures a higher dissemination of your work that will be highly visible to the general audiences of both journals.
If you are interested in having work considered for this web themed issue or need additional information please contact Aurelio Mateo-Alonso.
All manuscripts will be processed in the usual manner, including peer review. Articles can be submitted anytime from now until 31st December 2011 using RSC’s online submission system. We encourage you, however, to submit your manuscript as early as possible. Please add the phrase, invited article for FRIAS - Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter, in the field comments to the editor.