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Miko Elwenspoek

External Senior Fellow
February 2009 - October 2012


Miko Elwenspoek obtained his M.Sc. and PhD in physics from the Free University of Berlin in 1978 and 1983, respectively. There he gained experience in statistical physics, liquid metals, biophysics and nuclear physics. In 1983 he joined Bennema’s group in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, to work on crystal growth. Since 1987 he heads the activity on MEMS at the MESA+ Institute and IMPACT institute at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He is (co)author of ca. 500 journal and conference papers and co-author of several monographs. He is member of the editorial board of JMM, EDS, Micromechatronics and involved in all international workshops and conferences on MEMS. He likes teaching very much. He founded the bachelor program Advanced Technology, and is currently the director of the Honours Program of the University of Twente. He is fellow of the Academia Vitae, IEEE and of the Institute of Physics.


Publikationen (Auswahl)

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    Supermaterials are made of nano- and micro sized building blocks that, under suitable conditions selfassemble into materials with new properties. Currently well-known examples of supermaterials are photonic crystals and meta-materials with negative refractive indices. However, he sees greater challenges and possibilities in using the buildingblocks to mimic biological materials or in building systems from building blocks with internal degrees of freedom.