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Prof. Ángela Lucía di Tullio

Spanische Linguistik
Universität Comahue, Neuquén
März 09

Vergangene FRIAS-Aufenthalte

  • März 09



Ángela Di Tullio graduated from the Language and Philosophy Department, University of Buenos Aires, and received her PhD from the same University. She is a Professor in Spanish Grammar and Diachronic Linguistics in the Comahue National University. She is currently Professor in the Master of Linguistics of the University  of Córdoba and the University of Buenos Aires. She was a Visiting Professor in the European Master of Linguistics in the  University of Naples (Italy) and in the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), University of Valparaiso (Chile) and University of the Republic (Uruguay).  Her main research interests lie on  two subjects:   Spanish grammar -especially, American Spanish Syntax from a generative perspective- and  the history of Rioplatense Spanish - particularly, the history of the ideas on the language and linguistic politics. Prof. Di Tullio has been American consultant for the new official Grammar of the Real Academia Española, and from 2003 is co-author of its summarized version. She received the  Kónex Award in Humanities (2006), Buenos Aires City Second Prize in Literature (essay) and is a member of the Academia Argentina de Letras.


Selected publications

  • Di Tullio, Á. 2003 Políticas lingüísticas e inmigración: el caso argentino. Buenos Aires: EUDEBA.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 1998. Manual de Gramática del español. Desarrollos Teóricos. Ejercicios y soluciones.  Buenos Aires:  Edicial.  2nd edición. Buenos Aires: La isla de la luna. 2005.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2004. “Clefting in Spoken Discourse”. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. 2nd Edition (ELL2). Oxford: Elsevier: 562-580.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2008. “La gramática de la réplica en el español rioplatense”. La lengua española: sus variantes en la región. Buenos Aires: Academia Argentina de Letras:  213-221.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2006. “Organizar la lengua, normalizar la escritura” in Alfredo Rubione (ed.)  La crisis de las formas (Vol.V). Historia crítica de la literatura argentina dirigida por Noé Jitrik. Buenos Aires: Sudamericana: 543-580.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2002-2003. “Borges vs. Castro: una cuestión de nacionalismos e instituciones” Filología.  XXXVI-XXXV: 21-40.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2006. “Auxiliares y operadores aspectuales en el español rioplatense”. Signo&Seña. 15:267-285.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2004. “Los verbos psicológicos y la estatividad: Realizaciones del español”. Cuadernos de Lingüística del Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset. vol. 11: 23-43.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2004. “El español en tiempos de globalización”. Letture d’America. XXIV. 100:103-131.
  • Di Tullio, Á. 2004.  "Los amores de Giacumina y las posibilidades del cocoliche" in Kremnitz, Georg & Joachim Born (comps.). Lenguas, literaturas y sociedad en la Argentina. Diálogos sobre la investigación en Argentina, Uruguay  y países germanófonos. Actas del coloquio. Beihefte zu Quo vadis, Romania. n° 17. Vienna: Edition Praesens, 2004:111-121.


FRIAS Research Project

River Plate Spanish and its standarization

The project is focused on  the Rioplatense linguistic modality, the language contact among several ethnic groups -especially, Italian immigration, the impact of the complex historic situation of immigration on the popular literature -especially in theatre, and the effects of these works on “prestigious” forms of literature.  The polemics about the “Argentinean language” will be considered from the perspective of different intellectuals of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries -especially Borges and Arlt. Particular consideration will be given to the relationship between norm and variation in European Spanish and American Spanish, especially in regard of the different varieties of cleft and pseudocleft constructions, but also in other several lexical and grammatical segments.