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Robert F. Murphy: "Automated Determination of Drug Effects on Protein Subcellular Patterns in Plant Protoplasts"

Wann 07.06.2010
von 11:15 bis 12:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum, Albertstr. 19, 79104 Freiburg
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203 97418
Teilnehmer Open to University employees
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Robert F. Murphy
Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Freiburg, Germany and
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA


Automated Determination of Drug Effects on Protein Subcellular Patterns in Plant Protoplasts

Automated microscope imaging and analysis systems are increasingly used for large scale studies of cell and tissue level behaviors. They are especially used in the pharmaceutical industry to screen drug candidates for a desired effect and in systems biology for genome-scale analysis of gene function using inhibitory RNAs. Both of these applications are mainly restricted to cultured animal cells, although some efforts to bring these approaches to other systems, such as plants, have been described. We have developed an automated approach to systematically characterize the effects of large numbers of compounds on the subcellular patterns of large numbers of proteins in plant protoplasts. Over 90% accuracy was obtained for recognizing markers of major organelles in heterogeneous cultures of freshly isolated protoplasts. The system can automatically group both compounds with similar effects and proteins with similar patterns, and can thereby predict the effects of compound-protein combinations that have not been tested. The approach will provide important information for systems biology simulations of plant regeneration. Joint work with Joshua Kangas, Armaghan Naik, Christopher Langmead, Karsten Voigt, Alexander Dovzhenko, and Klaus Palme.