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Nobel Laureate Robert Huber: "Intracellular Proteolysis: Mechanisms, Structures, and Application"

Wann 16.12.2010
von 16:15 bis 17:15
Wo Chemistry Lecture Hall, Albertstr. 21, Freiburg
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203 97418
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Nobel Laureate Robert Huber
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1988 was awarded jointly to Johann Deisenhofer, Robert Huber and Hartmut Michel "for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre".


Intracellular Proteolysis: Mechanisms, Structures, and Application

Within cells or subcellular compartments misfolded and/or short-lived regulatory proteins are degraded by protease machines, cage-forming multi-subunit assemblages. Their proteolytic active sites are sequestered within the particles and located on the inner walls. Access of protein substrates is regulated by protein subcomplexes or protein domains which may assist in substrate unfolding dependent of ATP. Five protease machines will be described displaying different subunit structures, oligomeric states, enzymatic mechanisms, and regulatory properties.

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