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LifeNet Conference on "Integrative 'Omics' Approaches to Disease Mechanisms - from emerging technologies to new perspectives"

Wann 09.10.2011 um 08:00 bis
11.10.2011 um 18:00
Wo Schloss Reinach, Freiburg-Munzingen, Germany
Kontakttelefon +49 761 203 97208
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The post-genomic era opens up unprecedented possibilities for gaining detailed insight into the molecular basis of cellular organization. However, it is still a major challenge to turn this newly obtained information into biological knowledge to understand molecular disease mechanisms and pathogeneses. The complexity of single cells up to the entire human organism can be attributed to the irreducible intricacy and entanglement of gene and protein interaction networks. ‘Omics’ technologies, meaning large scale studies of bio-molecules, allow to thoroughly investigate diseases with the goal to identify underlying molecular networks and new druggable targets. However, the wealth of data generated by these approaches requires interdisciplinary cooperation to integrate, computationally analyze, and model these data for developing a plastic picture of a specific disease state. Our FRIAS Conference on “Integrative ‘Omics’ Approaches to Disease Mechanisms – from emerging technologies to new perspectives” will bring together renowned experts of the ‘Omics’ areas genomics/transcriptomics, metabolomics, and proteomics as well as of theoretical sciences to foster cross-disciplinary communication.

The conference will be held in Freiburg in the border triangle of France, Switzerland, and Germany. Invited speakers, selected short talks, and poster sessions will contribute to a lively scientific atmosphere. The convenient size of approximately 100 participants allows close interactions offering both students and scientists the possibility to talk to experts of the different fields.