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Scientific Symposium of the EU FP7 Research networks mdDAneurodev and DOPAMINET

Wann 28.04.2011
von 09:00 bis 15:15
Wo Lecture Hall, Institut Biologie I, Hauptstrasse 1, 79104 Freiburg, Germany
Kontakttelefon +49 761 203 - 2587
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Systems Biology of Dopaminergic Neurons

Dopaminergic neurons play an important role in control of motility and behaviors based on the fact that they connect extensively in the brain to modulate the activity of many neural circuits. Parkinson's disease is caused by loss of dopaminergic neurons. This disease in its advanced stages can not be cured currently, because the dopaminergic neurons that are lost are not replaced in the brain. Therefore, over the past decades research has focussed on the understanding of development of dopaminergic neurons in order to devise strategies to generate new dopaminergic neurons from stem cells to replace the degenerated cells. This symposium will focus on the state of the art of research into formation of dopaminergic neurons,and will give a perspective on neuroreconstitutive cell therapies. The symposium is organized by the FRIAS internal senior fellow Prof. Wolfgang Driever as part of two research networks funded through the EC, the DOPAMINET and the mdDAneurodev consortia.


  • W. Driever (Freiburg)
  • M. P. Smidt (Utrecht)
  • S. Gustincich (Trieste)
  • G. Nikkhah (Freiburg)



To download the Symposium program please follow this link.