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T. Keith Blackwell: "Systemic detoxification, insulin-like signaling, and aging in C. elegans"

Wann 27.07.2009
von 17:15 bis 18:15
Wo Hörsaal Zoologie, Hauptstrasse 1
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203 97418
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Professor T. Keith Blackwell
Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, USA


Systemic detoxification, insulin-like signaling, and aging in C. elegans

One of the most exciting observations of recent years is that insulin/IGF-1-like signaling (IIS) and other genetically defined mechanisms have profound effects on longevity in model organisms. We are using the C. elegans model to study a transcription regulator (SKN-1) that controls several mechanisms that detoxify free radicals and other reactive molecules, or repair cellular structures. In my lecture, I will describe studies of SKN-1 that shed light on IIS and other mechanisms that influence longevity, and that reveal remarkable complexity in organismal defenses against stress.