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A New Global Morality? Human Rights and Humanitarianism in the 1970s

Wann 10.06.2010 um 15:00 bis
12.06.2010 um 16:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum EG, Albertstr. 19
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Konzept und Organisation: Jan Eckel, Freiburg und Samuel Moyn, New York


A New Global Morality? Human Rights and Humanitarianism in the 1970s

In recent years, historians have discovered the 1970s as a transformative phase in the history of international politics, giving rise to new perceptions of global problems and new styles of international action, which reshaped the politics of states and non-state actors alike. The surge of human rights and humanitarianism can be understood as both an expression of and a catalyst for this global shift. This exploratory workshop will bring together scholars working in the field in order to pool results and debate explanation for what appears to be a discontinuous moment in the evolution of human rights and humanitarianism as concepts and political practices.

More specifically, papers will deal with the histories of international institutions, the percolation of human rights in domestic politics and as a foreign policy ethic, the rise of new forms of popular and private advocacy, the relegitimization of international intervention, the explosion of “dissidence” and its international reception, the agitation around Latin American authoritarianism, the new visibility for human catastrophe in Africa, and the selectivity of moral responses framed as either based on rights or on humanitarianism.

The focus of the workshop is on the 1970s in the broader sense of a transformative period that marks a break with the patterns underlying international politics in the early Cold War and decolonization eras.


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