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US-Foundations and the Power Policies of Knowledge Circulation

Wann 01.07.2010 um 12:00 bis
02.07.2010 um 20:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum, EG, Albertstr. 19
Kontakttelefon +49(0)761 203-97377
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Konzept und Organisation:

Helke Rausch, (Junior Fellow 2009/10) und Marc Frey, Bremen


US-Foundations and the Power Policies of Knowledge Circulation in the Global Arena (20th c.)

The rise and international expansion of American large-scale foundations since the early 20th century emerges as a key feature of the “American Century”. The new Foundations testified to an unprecedented international strength of US philanthropy as their agendas successively expanded from ad hoc charitable programs to highly professionalized givers and from an inner-American to a transatlantic scale reaching out to Europe, Asia and Latin America. Since the 1920s, Philanthropies were eager to transfer “superior” and “modern” American scientific practices and values overseas. Though their ambition to reconfigure substantial parts of knowledge abroad met with incongruous traditions of scientific practice, disciplines, institutional settings and complex actor constellations in each case. Thus funding rather exposed the philanthropists to a whole set of asymmetries both in spatial as well as in chronological terms that foundation officers had to adapt to. The Conference aims at exploring relevant short- and long-term effects of US philanthropy as part and parcel of a transnational history of the 20th century.


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