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Jürgen Hennig

Fakultät für Medizin
Freiburg, Deutschland


Patient motion during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations generates artefacts which often render the resulting images clinically unusable. This significant problem hampers diagnosis and patient throughput. Our project aims at the development of a fully MR-compatible optical motion tracking system in order to monitor uncontrolled spontaneous patient movements in the MR scanner. The parameters measured will be used for a real-time correction of the MR data in order to reconstruct undisturbed images. To ensure the visibility of the tracked body part, the tracking system has to be placed inside of the magnet bore. Since the free space inside the magnet bore is extremely limited, the entire tracking system has to be very compact, thus, warranting a high degree of integration and the need of using micro components.

Beside the pure functional aspects of ADOPT, we will also focus on the acceptance of the technology. This relies on an easy and safe handling for the clinic personal, and, even more important, on sufficient comfort for the patient.