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Conference Report “Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia”

On 24-26 June 2015, the interdisciplinary research focus group “Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia” from the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) organized a conference which studied Southeast Asia’s cooperation cultures.

The conference presented the work in progress of the institute’s fellows, which centered on (1) the changing nature of political cooperation; (2) the repositioning of alterity and identity; (3) the politico-economic consequences of alignment and dealignment in the local settings of Indonesia and the Philippines; and (4) transcultural historical interactions in Southeast Asia. Around twenty presenters examined these questions from the disciplinary perspectives of political science, cultural anthropology, economics, and history.

A detailed report of the conference by Anna Fünfgeld and Gerrit Gonschorek is now available.

The research focus group 2014/15 "Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia" was organised by Prof. Jürgen Rüland, Prof. Judith Schlehe, Prof. Günther Schulze and Prof. Sabine Dabringhaus.

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