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Publications 2013


Scientific Journals:

  1. J. Speck, C. Rauber, T. Kukenshoner, C. Niemoller, K.J. Mueller, P. Schleberger, P. Dondapati, J. Hecky, K.M. Arndt, K.M. Muller: TAT hitchhiker selection expanded to folding helpers, multimeric interactions and combinations with protein fragment complementation. Protein Eng Des Sel, 2013; 26 (3): 225-242.
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  4. A. Nystrom, D. Velati, V.R. Mittapalli, J.S. Kern, A. Fritsch, L. Bruckner-Tuderman: Collagen VII plays a dual role in wound healing. J Clin Invest, 2013. (in press)
  5. A. Nystrom, J. Buttgereit, M. Bader, T. Shmidt, C. Ozcelik, I. Hausser, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, J.S. Kern: Rat Model for Dominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: Glycine Substitution Reduces Collagen VII Stability and Shows Gene-Dosage Effect. Plos One, 2013; 8 (5): e64243-e64243.
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  9. S.C. Hofmann, A. Bosma, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, M. Vukmanovic-Stejic, E.C. Jury, D.A. Isenberg, C. Mauri: Invariant natural killer T cells are enriched at the site of cutaneous inflammation in lupus erythematosus. J Dermatol Sci, 2013; 71 (1): 22-28.
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  11. V.I. Dumit, V. Kuttner, J. Kappler, S. Piera-Velazquez, S.A. Jimenez, L. Bruckner-Tuderman,J. Uitto, J. Dengjel: Resemblances between scleroderma and ageing in skin fibroblasts. J Invest Dermatol, 2013; 133 Suppl. 1: S156-S156.
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  17. F. Nazio, F. Strappazzon, M. Antonioli, P. Bielli, V. Cianfanelli, M. Bordi, C. Gretzmeier, J. Dengjel, M. Piacentini, G.M. Fimia, F. Cecconi: mTOR inhibits autophagy by controlling ULK1 ubiquitylation, self-association and function through AMBRA1 and TRAF6. Nat Cell Biol, 2013; 15 (4): 406-416.
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Scientific Staff:

  1. A.C. Alvarez, G. Hime, J.D. Silva, D. Marchesin: Analytic regularization of an inverse filtration problem in porous media. Inverse Problems, 2013; 29 (2): 025006.