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Dr. Sandra Maß ( Junior Fellow, School of History): "To become a capitalist?" Money, Children and Economic Education in the 19th Century

Wann 03.03.2010
von 18:30 bis 19:30
Wo Seminarraum
Kontakttelefon 0761/203-97426
Teilnehmer intern
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Money and children seem to stem from different planets. “Cold money” is often regarded as the opposing pole of “innocent childhood”. Nevertheless, nowadays we are used to the fact that children are taught in school how to manage a firm or to speculate with stocks.
The talk will focus on the historical development of the child as an object and subject of economic and monetary education from the 18th Century onwards. It will be shown that the concepts of economic education have always been developed in contrast to the imagined dangers of the “misuse” of money. Thus, becoming a capitalist for children meant controlling possible dangers of monetary unrest in everyday life rather than learning how to speculate at the stock-market.