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Transnational dimensions of energy transitions: Politics and inequalities in and beyond Latin America and West Asia-North Africa (WANA)

Dr. Benjamin Schütze

International Relations, Transregional Studies
Political Economy of Renewable Energy in the MENA region

Wann 02.06.2022 um 09:30 bis
03.06.2022 um 14:00
Wo Hybrid format: Onsite at FRIAS & online via Zoom
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Transnational dimensions of energy transitions:
Politics and inequalities in and beyond Latin America and West Asia-North Africa (WANA)

The registration for the hybrid workshop is closed.
The public lecture on Thursday, 2nd of June is open for everyone and additionally available as livestream. Follow this link to view the event:

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Workshop program:

2nd of June




10:15 – 10:45

Introduction to the Workshop and Discussion of foci

Rosa Lehmann & Thilo Wiertz

10:45 – 12:15

Panel I:


Hydropower Politics

Ethemcan Turhan

‘Counter-hegemonic flows: Expanding politics of opposition to renewable energy from anti-hydropower to anti-geothermal struggles in Turkey’


Nicolás Acosta García

‘Crafting electricity through social protest: Afro-descendant and indigenous Embera communities protesting for hydroelectric infrastructure in Utría National Park, Colombia’


Marcela López

‘Hydroelectric Power Plants and Politics: The case of Hidroituango, Colombia’


Natalie Koch (chair)




13:30 – 15:00

Panel II:


Grids and Infrastructures


Kendra Kintzi

‘Improvising smart energy: makeshift grids and the infrastructures of (dis)connectivity in the postcolonial city’


Benjamin Schuetze & Alke Jenss

‘Promises of Democratic Connection? Transregional energy infrastructures as a lens for the study of authoritarian practices’


Felipe Fernández Lozano



Thilo Wiertz (chair)




15:30 – 17:00

Panel III:



Virginia Toledo López

‘Agribusiness and energy transition conditions in Argentina’


Karen Rignall

‘Renewable energy and conventional mining on an extractivist continuum: Preliminary findings of a collaborative action research project on resource extraction in southeastern Morocco’


Christian Henderson

‘Green power in the Arab Gulf’


Rosa Lehmann (chair)




18:00 – 19:30

Public lecture:


Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms?

Key notes in dialogue


Natalie Koch


‘After Oil: Energy Transition and Gulf Geopolitics’


Hamza Hamouchene


‘Toward a Just Transition in North Africa: Dismantling Energy Colonialism’


Benjamin Schuetze (moderation)






3rd of June







9:15 – 10:45 

Panel IV:


Sociocultural and political economic contexts of transitions



Johanna Höhl & Hugo Romero

‘Energy transition in energy poverty contexts: an analysis of housing wood-burning pollution and the replacement of wood heaters in Southern Chile’


Silvia Weko & Esther Schuch

‘No one-way street: value creation from renewables and public support for the energy transition’


Fabricio Rodríguez

‘Putting culture in what place? The negotiation of ecological worldviews and narratives of South-South cooperation in Chinese-Latin American energy infrastructures’


Hamza Hamouchene (chair)




11:00 – 12:30

Panel V:


Conceptual perspectives on transitions

Jan Wilkens

‘Climate Change, Decarbonization and the Reproduction of Order in West Asia and North Africa’


Thilo Wiertz

‘Political geographies
of hydrogen markets in the making‘


Ezequiel Zárate Toledo

‘A sociology of the energy transition and of renewable energies for the Global South’


Alke Jenss (chair)




13:00 – 14:00

Wrap up and outlook

Alke Jenss & Benjamin Schuetze