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Research Seminar FRIAS Research Focus Quantum Transport - Sven Kerzenmacher

Wann 23.06.2015
von 16:00 bis 17:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
Kontakttelefon 0761 203 97362
Teilnehmer universitätsoffen/open to university members
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Bioelectrochemical Energy Transduction Devices


Bioelectrochemical energy transducers make use of the unique biocatalytic capacities of e.g. isolated enzymes or living microorganisms. This emerging field of research yields promising technologies to realize e.g. battery-independent medical implants or autonomous robots as well as sustainable bioenergy and biorefinery concepts. For instance, microbial fuel cells can generate electricity while simultaneously diminishing the organic pollution of waste-water. Similarly, microbial electrolysis cells can be used to produce hydrogen or other valuable fine chemicals.

The talk will give an introduction to the different concepts and technologies of bioelectrochemical systems. Current research and future applications will be discussed