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Colloquium Society, Environment, Biology - Susan Jones (University of Minnesota)

Guggenheim Fellow and author of 'Death in a Small Package: A Short History of Anthrax'
Wann 03.05.2018
von 16:00 bis 17:30
Wo Universitätsbibliothek, Veranstaltungssaal (1. OG)
Teilnehmer öffentlich / open to public
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University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Guggenheim Fellow.

"The Homelands of the Plague: Soviet Disease Ecology in Central Asia, 1920s–1950s."
This presentation analyzes the development of an important Russian/Soviet school of "disease ecology" at the intersection of human medicine, veterinary medicine, and ecological fieldwork. Part of a larger study in progress, I will argue that (1) although entanglements with the dynamic Soviet political system directly affected scientists' work and ideas, analysis of their local activities in the borderlands demonstrates a surprising independence and autonomy; and (2) initial analysis also points to the importance of indigenous nomadic peoples' knowledge and lived experience in informing scientific theories about endemic diseases. I conclude by discussing how collaboration between HSTM graduate students, scientists, and informants in Kazakhstan have been essential to this historical project.

The colloquium is organized by the Chair in Science and Technology Studies. More information about the colloquium is available here