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Vortrag - The Study of Islam in an Age of Trump: Notes from the Field

Aaron Hughes, University of Rochester  

Prof. Aaron Hughes
Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Jewish Studies
University of Rochester 

Wann 12.12.2017
von 18:00 bis 20:00
Wo University of Freiburg, KG III, room 3101
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"The Study of Islam in an Age of Trump: Notes from the Field”


The Study of Islam has always been, protestations to the contrary, a politically fraught field. If Orientalism defined previous generations of scholarship, a recent paradigm shift has moved to Cosmopolitanism. The election of Trump to the U.S. Presidency in 2016 has exacerbated, among other things, the place and role of Muslims in the United States, just as it has provoked a set of responses among scholars of Islam. This lecture charts some of the repercussions of a Trump presidency on the academic study of Islam and examines that field’s responses to it, both positive and negative.


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