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Publikationen Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften 2015

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

Jahre: 2015
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    1. Moazenzadeh A, Sandoval F, Spengler N, Badilita V, Wallrabe U
      3-D Microtransformers for DC-DC On-Chip Power Conversion
      2015 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, Band: 30, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 5088 - 5102
    2. Liu Z, Boachon B, ..., Werck-Reichhart D, Renault H
      A Conserved Cytochrome P450 Evolved in Seed Plants Regulates Flower Maturation
      2015 MOLECULAR PLANT, Band: 8, Nummer: 12, Seiten: 1751 - 1765
    3. Feng L, Korvink JG, Benner P
      A Fully Adaptive Scheme for Model Order Reduction Based on Moment Matching
    4. Cazade PA, Zheng W, Prada-Gracia D, Berezovska G, Rao F, Clementi C, Meuwly M
      A comparative analysis of clustering algorithms: O2 migration in truncated hemoglobin I from transition networks.
      2015 J Chem Phys, Band: 142, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 025103 - 025103
    5. Boehler C, Asplund M
      A detailed insight into drug delivery from PEDOT based on analytical methods: effects and side effects.
      2015 J Biomed Mater Res A, Band: 103, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 1200 - 1207
    6. Weise M, ..., Aktories K, Orth J
      A systemic Pasteurella multocida toxin aggravates cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in mice
      2015 CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY, Band: 17, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 1320 - 1331
    7. Braun RJ, Sommer C, Leibiger C, Gentier RJ, Dumit VI, ..., Dengjel J, van Leeuwen FW, Kroemer G, Madeo F
      Accumulation of Basic Amino Acids at Mitochondria Dictates the Cytotoxicity of Aberrant Ubiquitin.
      2015 Cell Rep
    8. Heizmann S, ..., Boehler C, Ruther P, Egert U, Asplund M
      Accurate neuronal tracing of microelectrodes based on PEDOT-dye coatings
      2015 Neural Engineering (NER), 2015 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference, Seiten: 386 - 389
    9. Orellana-Escobedo L, Rosales-Mendoza S, ..., Reski R
      An Env-derived multi-epitope HIV chimeric protein produced in the moss Physcomitrella patens is immunogenic in mice
      2015 PLANT CELL REPORTS, Band: 34, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 425 - 433
    10. Zou P, Laird D, ..., Lienkamp K
      Antimicrobial and cell-compatible surface-attached polymer networks - how the correlation of chemical structure to physical and biological data leads to a modified mechanism of action
      2015 JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B, Band: 3, Nummer: 30, Seiten: 6224 - 6238
    11. Baluschev S
      Assembly of New Merocyanine Chromophores with a 1,8-Naphthalimide Core by a New Method for the Synthesis of the Methine Function
      2015 Aust J Chem, Band: 68, Seiten: 1399 - 1408
    12. Sommerlade L, Thiel M, Mader M, Mader W, Timmer J, Platt B, Schelter B
      Assessing the strength of directed influences among neural signals: an approach to noisy data.
      2015 J Neurosci Meth, Band: 239, Seiten: 47 - 64
    13. Leitner DM, Pandey HD
      Asymmetric energy flow in liquid alkylbenzenes: A computational study
      2015 J Chem Phys, Band: 143
    14. Johnson GR, Li J, Shariff A, Rohde GK, Murphy RF
      Automated Learning of Subcellular Variation among Punctate Protein Patterns and a Generative Model of Their Relation to Microtubules.
      2015 Plos Comput Biol, Band: 11, Nummer: 12, Seiten: e1004614 - e1004614
    15. Mullineaux CW
      Bacteria in solitary confinement.
      2015 J Bacteriol, Band: 197, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 670 - 671
    16. Jank T, Belyi Y, Aktories K
      Bacterial glycosyltransferase toxins.
      2015 Cell Microbiol, Band: 17, Nummer: 12, Seiten: 1752 - 1765
    17. Rastogi V, Samyn P
      Bio-Based Coatings for Paper Applications
      2015 COATINGS, Band: 5, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 887 - 930
    18. Mueller SJ, Gütle DD, Jacquot J-P, Reski R
      Can mosses serve as model organisms for forest research?
      2015 Ann Forest Sci
    19. Ribeiro S, Buhmann S, Stielow T, Scheel S
      Casimir-Polder interaction from exact diagonalization and surface-induced state mixing
      2015 EPL, Band: 110, Nummer: 5
    20. Lichtenthaler MR, Stahl F, Kratzert D, Heidinger L, Schleicher E, Hamann J, Himmel D, Weber S, Krossing I
      Cationic cluster formation versus disproportionation of low-valent indium and gallium complexes of 2,2'-bipyridine.
      2015 Nat Commun, Band: 6, Seiten: 8288 - 8288
    21. Güven ÜB, Kegel OH, Kuzucuoglu M
      Centralizers of Subgroups in Direct Limits of Symmetric Groups with Strictly Diagonal Embedding
      2015 Commun Algebra, Band: 43, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 1920 - 1934
    22. Beratan DN, Liu C, Migliore A, Polizzi NF, Skourtis SS, Zhang P, Zhang Y
      Charge transfer in dynamical biosystems, or the treachery of (static) images.
      2015 Accounts Chem Res, Band: 48, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 474 - 481
    23. Beike AK, Spagnuolo V, ..., Decker EL, Reski R
      Clonal in vitro propagation of peat mosses (Sphagnum L.) as novel green resources for basic and applied research.
      2015 Plant Cell Tiss Org, Band: 120, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 1037 - 1049
    24. Moilanen JM, Kokkonen N, Loffek S, Vayrynen JP, Syvaniemi E, Hurskainen T, Makinen M, Klintrup K, Makela J, Sormunen R, Bruckner-Tuderman L, Autio-Harmainen H, Tasanen K
      Collagen XVII expression correlates with the invasion and metastasis of colorectal cancer.
      2015 Hum Pathol, Band: 46, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 434 - 442
    25. Haddadfarshi F, Cui J, Mintert F
      Completely positive approximate solutions of driven open quantum systems.
      2015 Phys Rev Lett, Band: 114, Nummer: 13, Seiten: 130402 - 130402
    26. Nazeer H, Nguyen M, ..., Elwenspoek M
      Compositional Dependence of the Young’s Modulus and Piezoelectric Coefficient of (110)-Oriented Pulsed Laser Deposited PZT Thin Films
      2015 JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, Band: 24, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 166 - 173
    27. von Prillwitz K, Rudnicki Ł, Mintert F
      Contrast in Multipath Interference and Quantum Coherence
      2015 Phys Rev A, Band: 92, Seite: 052114
    28. Yaari R, Noy‑Malka C, Wiedemann G, Auerbach Gershovitz N, Reski R, Katz A, Ohad N
      DNA METHYLTRANSFERASE 1 is involved in mCG and mCCG DNA methylation and is essential for sporophyte development in Physcomitrella patens
      2015 Plant Mol Biol
    29. Brandstetter-Kunc A, Weick G, Weinmann D, Jalabert R
      Decay of dark and bright plasmonic modes in a metallic nanoparticle dimer
      2015 Phys Rev B, Band: 91
    30. Temerinac-Ott M, Naik AW, Murphy RF
      Deciding when to stop: efficient experimentation to learn to predict drug-target interactions.
      2015 Bmc Bioinformatics, Band: 16, Seiten: 213 - 213
    31. Hurskainen T, Kokkonen N, ..., Bruckner-Tuderman L, Tasanen K
      Deletion of the major bullous pemphigoid epitope region of collagen XVII induces blistering, autoimmunization, and itching in mice.
      2015 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 135, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 1303 - 1310
    32. Huber MC, Schreiber A, von Olshausen P, Varga BR, Kretz O, Joch B, Barnert S, Schubert R, Eimer S, Kele P, Schiller SM
      Designer amphiphilic proteins as building blocks for the intracellular formation of organelle-like compartments.
      2015 Nat Mater, Band: 14, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 125 - 132
    33. Scheel S, Buhmann S, Clausen C, Schneeweiss P
      Directional spontaneous emission and lateral Casimir-Polder force on an atom close to a nanofiber
      2015 PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Band: 92, Nummer: 4, Seite: 043819
    34. Bae J
      Discrimination of two-qubit unitaries via local operations and classical communication
      2015 Sci Rep-uk, Band: 5, Seite: 18720
    35. Grabert H
      Dynamical Coulomb blockade of tunnel junctions driven by alternating voltages
      2015 PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Band: 92, Nummer: 24
    36. Varatharajan R, ..., Hofmann U, Moser A, Tronnier V
      Electrical high frequency stimulation modulates GABAergic activity in the nucleus accumbens of freely moving rats
      2015 NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL, Band: 90, Seiten: 255 - 260
    37. Crosse J, Fuchs S, Buhmann S
      Electromagnetic Green’s function for layered topological insulators
      2015 PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Band: 92, Nummer: 6
    38. Alexandrov A
      Enumerative Geometry, Tau-Functions and Heisenberg-Virasoro Algebra
      2015 COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, Band: 338, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 195 - 249
    39. Zermiani M, Zonin E, ..., Palme K, Quintieri L, Ruperti B
      Ethylene negatively regulates transcript abundance of ROP-GAP rheostat-encoding genes and affects apoplastic reactive oxygen species homeostasis in epicarps of cold stored apple fruits
      2015 JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, Band: 66, Nummer: 22, Seiten: 7255 - 7270
    40. Asl H, Talukdar H, ..., Michoel T, Bjorkegren J, Consortium CARDIoGRAM
      Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Acting Across Multiple Tissues Are Enriched in Inherited Risk for Coronary Artery Disease
      2015 Circulation-Cardiovascular Genetics, Band: 8, Nummer: 2
    41. Hieke N, ..., Dengjel J, Holland P, Simonsen A, Wesselborg S, Mizushima N, Stork B
      Expression of a ULK1/2 binding-deficient ATG13 variant can partially restore autophagic activity in ATG13-deficient cells.
      2015 Autophagy, Band: 11, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 1471 - 1483
    42. Zimmermann K, Lugan P, ..., Buchleitner A
      Extracting partial decay rates of helium from complex rotation: autoionizing resonances of the one-dimensional configurations
    43. Koegel J, Linder T, Schroeder F, Sundermeyer J, Goll S, Himmel D, Krossing I, Kuett K, Saame J, Leito I
      Fluoro- and Perfluoralkylsulfonylpentafluoroanilides: Synthesis and Characterization of NH Acids for Weakly Coordinating Anions and Their Gas-Phase and Solution Acidities
      2015 CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, Band: 21, Nummer: 15, Seiten: 5769 - 5782
    44. Intravaia F, Mkrtchian V, Buhmann S, Scheel S, Dalvit D, Henkel C
      Friction forces on atoms after acceleration
      2015 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, Band: 27, Nummer: 21, SI
    45. Decker E, Wiedemann G, Reski R
      Gene Targeting for Precision Glyco-Engineering: Production of Biopharmaceuticals Devoid of Plant-Typical Glycosylation in Moss Bioreactors
      2015 GLYCO-ENGINEERING: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS, Band: 1321, Seiten: 213 - 224
    46. Buchenberg S, Schaudinnus N, Stock G
      Hierarchical Biomolecular Dynamics: Picosecond Hydrogen Bonding Regulates Microsecond Conformational Transitions.
      2015 J Chem Theory Comput, Band: 11, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 1330 - 1336
    47. Gajer JM, Furdas SD, Grunder A, Gothwal M, Heinicke U, Keller K, Colland F, Fulda S, Pahl HL, Fichtner I, Sippl W, Jung M
      Histone acetyltransferase inhibitors block neuroblastoma cell growth in vivo.
      2015 Oncogenesis, Band: 4, Seiten: e137 - e137
    48. Labi V, Erlacher M
      How cell death shapes cancer.
      2015 Cell Death Dis, Band: 6, Seiten: e1675 - e1675
    49. Zermiani M, Begheldo M, Nonis A, Palme K, et al.
      Identification of the arabidopsis RAM/MOR signalling network: adding new regulatory players in plant stem cell maintenance and cell polarization
      2015 ANNALS OF BOTANY, Band: 116, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 69 - 89
    50. Figge MT, Murphy RF
      Image-based systems biology.
      2015 Cytom Part A, Band: 87, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 459 - 461
    51. Dixit PD, Jain A, Stock G, Dill KA
      Inferring Transition Rates of Networks from Populations in Continuous-Time Markov Processes.
      2015 J Chem Theory Comput, Band: 11, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 5464 - 5472
    52. Beike A, Lang D, ..., Decker E, Reski R
      Insights from the cold transcriptome of Physcomitrella patens: global specialization pattern of conserved transcriptional regulators and identification of orphan genes involved in cold acclimation
      2015 NEW PHYTOLOGIST, Band: 205, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 869 - 881
    53. Hemmasi S, Czulkies B, ..., Aktories K, Papatheodorou P
      Interaction of the Clostridium difficile Binary Toxin CDT and Its Host Cell Receptor, Lipolysis-stimulated Lipoprotein Receptor (LSR)
      2015 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, Band: 290, Nummer: 22, Seiten: 14031 - 14044
    54. Filatov MA, Etzold F, Gehrig D, Laquai F, Busko D, Landfester K, Baluschev S
      Interplay Between Singlet and Triplet Excited States in a Conformationally Locked Donor-Acceptor Dyad
      2015 Dalton T
    55. Jank T, ..., Aktories K
      Intracellular plasma membrane guidance of Photorhabdus asymbiotica toxin is crucial for cell toxicity
      2015 FASEB JOURNAL, Band: 29, Nummer: 7, Seiten: 2789 - 2802
    56. Matsakas A, Prosdocimo DA, Mitchell R, Collins-Hooper H, Giallourou N, Swann JR, Potter P, Epting T, Jain MK, Patel K
      Investigating mechanisms underpinning the detrimental impact of a high-fat diet in the developing and adult hypermuscular myostatin null mouse.
      2015 Skelet Muscle, Band: 5, Seiten: 38 - 38
    57. Boehler C, Oberueber F, Stieglitz T, Asplund M
      Iridium Oxide (IrOx) serves as adhesion promoter for conducting polymers on neural microelectrodes
      2015 Neural Engineering (NER), 2015 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference, Seiten: 410 - 413
    58. Johnson GR, Buck TE, Sullivan DP, Rohde GK, Murphy RF
      Joint modeling of cell and nuclear shape variation.
      2015 Mol Biol Cell, Band: 26, Nummer: 22, Seiten: 4046 - 4056
    59. Samyn P, Schoukens G, Stanssens D
      Kaolinite Nanocomposite Platelets Synthesized by Intercalation and Imidization of Poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride)
      2015 MATERIALS, Band: 8, Nummer: 7, Seiten: 4363 - 4388
    60. Klatt J, Muehlbacher L, Komnik A
      Kondo effect and the fate of bistability in molecular quantum dots with strong electron-phonon coupling
      2015 Phys Rev B, Band: 91
    61. Mohseni F, Mendoza M, Succi S, Herrmann HJ
      Lattice Boltzmann model for resistive relativistic magnetohydrodynamics.
      2015 Phys Rev E, Band: 92, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 023309 - 023309
    62. Nystrom A, Thriene K, Mittapalli V, Kern JS, Kiritsi D, Dengjel J, Bruckner-Tuderman L
      Losartan ameliorates dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa and uncovers new disease mechanisms.
      2015 Embo Mol Med, Band: 7, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 1211 - 1228
    63. Concha-Grana E, Muniategui-Lorenzo S, ..., Reski R, Lopez-Mahia P, Prada-Rodriguez D
      Matrix solid phase dispersion method for determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in moss
      2015 JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, Band: 1406, Seiten: 19 - 26
    64. Haug S, Schnerch D., Halbach S., Mastroianni J., Dumit V, ..., Dengjel J, et al.
      Metadherin exon 11 skipping variant enhances metastatic spread of ovarian cancer
      2015 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, Band: 136, Nummer: 10, Seiten: 2328 - 2340
    65. Campana F
      Mihai Orbifold generic semi-positivity: an application to families of canonically polarized manifolds
      2015 Ann. Inst. Fourier, Band: 65, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 835 - 861
    66. Erlacher M, Strahm B
      Missing Cells: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management of (Pan)Cytopenia in Childhood.
      2015 Front Pediatr, Band: 3, Seiten: 64 - 64
    67. Mueller SJ, Reski R
      Mitochondrial Dynamics and the ER: The Plant Perspective.
      2015 Front Cell Dev Biol, Band: 3, Seiten: 78 - 78
    68. Schreiber A, Huber MC, Colfen H, Schiller SM
      Molecular protein adaptor with genetically encoded interaction sites guiding the hierarchical assembly of plasmonically active nanoparticle architectures.
      2015 Nat Commun, Band: 6, Seiten: 6705 - 6705
    69. Reski R, Parsons J, Decker EL
      Moss-made pharmaceuticals: from bench to bedside.
      2015 Plant Biotechnol J, Band: 13, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 1191 - 1198
    70. Wilde A, Mullineaux CW
      Motility in cyanobacteria: polysaccharide tracks and Type IV pilus motors
      2015 Mol Microbiol, Band: 98, Seiten: 998 - 1001
    71. Kebekus S, Greb D, Peternell T
      Movable curves and semistable sheaves
      2015 Int Math Res Notices, Band: 2, Seiten: 536 - 570
    72. Boehler C, Stieglitz T, Asplund M
      Nanostructured platinum grass enables superior impedance reduction for neural microelectrodes
      2015 Biomaterials
    73. Bostrom M, Thiyam P, Persson C, Parsons D, Buhmann S, Brevik I, Sernelius Bo
      Non-perturbative theory of dispersion interactions
      2015 PHYSICA SCRIPTA, Band: 90, Nummer: 3
    74. Endres D, Perlov E, Maier S, Feige B, Nickel K, Goll P, Bubl E, Lange T, ..., Tebartz van Elst L
      Normal Neurochemistry in the Prefrontal and Cerebellar Brain of Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
      2015 Front Behav Neurosci, Band: 9, Seiten: 242 - 242
    75. Fischer S, Buchleitner A
      On the derivation of the semiclassical approximation to the quantum propagator
      2015 JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, Band: 56, Nummer: 7
    76. Campana F
      On the h-principle and specialness for complex projective manifolds.
      2015 Algebr Geom Topol, Band: 2, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 298 - 314
    77. Alexandrov A
      Open intersection numbers, matrix models and MKP hierarchy
    78. Biskup T, Sommer M, Rein S, Meyer DL, Kohlstadt M, Wurfel U, Weber S
      Ordering of PCDTBT revealed by time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy of its triplet excitons.
      2015 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 54, Nummer: 26, Seiten: 7707 - 7710
    79. Ziletti A, Carvalho A, Campbell DK, Coker DF, Castro Neto AH
      Oxygen defects in phosphorene.
      2015 Phys Rev Lett, Band: 114, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 046801 - 046801
    80. Regen W, Hertenstein E, ..., Spiegelhalder K
      Perfectionistic Tendencies in Insomnia Patients’ Behavior During Psychometric Testing
      2015 BEHAVIORAL SLEEP MEDICINE, Band: 13, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 387 - 394
    81. Fudim R, Mehlhorn J, Berthold T, Weber S, Schleicher E, Kennis JT, Mathes T
      Photoinduced formation of flavin radicals in BLUF domains lacking the central glutamine.
      2015 Febs J, Band: 282, Nummer: 16, Seiten: 3161 - 3174
    82. Schuergers N, Nurnberg DJ, Wallner T, Mullineaux CW, Wilde A
      PilB localization correlates with the direction of twitching motility in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
      2015 Microbiol-uk, Band: 161, Nummer: Pt 5, Seiten: 960 - 966
    83. Gessner M, Schlawin F, Buchleitner A
      Probing polariton dynamics in trapped ions with phase-coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy
      2015 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, Band: 142, Nummer: 21
    84. Schiller S
      Protein Tectons in Synthetic Biology The Expansion of Cellular Functionality Combining Chemical Biology of Small Organic Molecules with Protein Tectons-Unnatural Amino Acids, Protein Based Biohybrid Materials and De Novo Organelles
    85. Pasternak T, Tietz O, Rapp K, Begheldo M, Nitschke R, Ruperti B, Palme K
      Protocol: an improved and universal procedure for whole-mount immunolocalization in plants.
      2015 Plant Methods, Band: 11, Seiten: 50 - 50
    86. Leitner DM
      Quantum ergodicity and energy flow in molecules
      2015 Adv Phys, Band: 64, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 445 - 517
    87. Levi F, Mostarda S, Rao F, Mintert F
      Quantum mechanics of excitation transport in photosynthetic complexes: a key issues review
      2015 Rep Prog Phys, Band: 78, Nummer: 8
    88. Bae J, Kwek LC
      Quantum state discrimination and its applications
      2015 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor, Band: 48, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 083001 - 083001
    89. Taheri H, Stanssens D, Samyn P
      2015 APPLIED RHEOLOGY, Band: 25, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 33 - 44
    90. Rassner MP, Hebel JM, Altenmueller DM, Volz S, Feuerstein TJ, Freiman
      Reduction of epileptiform activity through local valproate-implants in a rat neocortical epilepsy model
      2015 Seizure, Band: 30, Seiten: 6 - 13
    91. Campana F
      Représentations linéaires des groupes kählériens: factorisations et conjecture de Shafarevich linéaire.
      2015 Compos Math, Band: 151, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 351 - 376
    92. Longo J, Yao C, ..., Schiller S, Schaaf P, Jierry L
      Reversible biomechano-responsive surface based on green fluorescent protein genetically modified with unnatural amino acids
      2015 CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Band: 51, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 232 - 235
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      Reversible oxygen addition on a triplet sensitizer molecule: protection from excited state depopulation
      2015 Phys Chem Chem Phys, Band: 17, Seiten: 6501 - 6510
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      Roles of Asp179 and Glu270 in ADP-Ribosylation of Actin by Clostridium perfringens Iota Toxin.
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      2015 Mol Oncol, Band: 9, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 335 - 354
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      Strategy for Enhancement of (13)C-Photo-CIDNP NMR Spectra by Exploiting Fractional (13)C-Labeling of Tryptophan.
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      Structure-dynamics relation in shaken optical lattices
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      2015 Plos Comput Biol, Band: 11, Nummer: 5, Seiten: e1004096 - e1004096
    107. Samyn P, Van Nieuwkerke D, Schoukens G, Stanssens D, Vonck L, Van den Abbeele H
      Synthesis of imidized nanoparticles containing soy oil under various reaction conditions
      2015 EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL, Band: 66, Seiten: 78 - 90
    108. Campana F
      Th. Rationally connected manifolds and semipositivity of the Ricci curvature. Recent advances in algebraic geometry
      2015 London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser, Band: 417, Seiten: 71 - 91
    109. Petrungaro C, Zimmermann KM, Kuttner V, Fischer M, Dengjel J, Bogeski I, Riemer J
      The Ca(2+)-Dependent Release of the Mia40-Induced MICU1-MICU2 Dimer from MCU Regulates Mitochondrial Ca(2+) Uptake.
      2015 Cell Metab, Band: 22, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 721 - 733
    110. Kirch R, Pinnell R, Hofmann U, Cassel J-C
      The Double-H Maze: A Robust Behavioral Test for Learning and Memory in Rodents
    111. Ferlez B, Dong W, ..., Golbeck JH, van der Est A
      The Effect of Bacteriochlorophyll g Oxidation on Energy and Electron Transfer in Reaction Centers from Heliobacterium modesticaldum
      2015 J Phys Chem B, Band: 119, Seiten: 13714 - 13725
    112. Sun J, Golbeck J
      The Presence of the IsiA-PSI Supercomplex Leads to Enhanced Photosystem I Electron Throughput in Iron-Starved Cells of Synechococcus sp PCC 7002
      2015 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, Band: 119, Nummer: 43, Seiten: 13549 - 13559
    113. Pfaumann V, Lang A, Schwan C, Schmidt G, Aktories K
      The actin and Rho-modifying toxins PTC3 and PTC5 of Photorhabdus luminescens: enzyme characterization and induction of MAL/SRF-dependent transcription
      2015 CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY, Band: 17, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 579 - 594
    114. Bohrer C, Pfurr S, Mammadzada K, Schildge S, Plappert L, Hils M, Pous L, Rauch KS, Dumit VI, Pfeifer D, Dengjel J, Kirsch M, Schachtrup K, Schachtrup C
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