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Publikationen Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften 2017

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

Jahre: 2017
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    1. Muthukumar M
      50th Anniversary Perspective: A Perspective on Polyelectrolyte Solutions
      2017 MACROMOLECULES, Band: 50, Nummer: 24, Seiten: 9528 - 9560
    2. Villegas-Escobar N, Toro-Labbe A, Becerra M, Real-Enriquez M, Mora JR, Rincon L
      A DFT study of hydrogen and methane activation by B(C6F5)3/P(t-Bu)3 and Al(C6F5)3/P(t-Bu)3 frustrated Lewis pairs.
      2017 J Mol Model, Band: 23, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 234 - 234
    3. van der Est A
      A Transient EPR Study of Electron Transfer in Tetrathiafulvalene-Aluminum(III) Porphyrin-Anthraquinone Supramolecular Triads
      2017 Z Phys Chem, Seiten: 293 - 310
    4. Corlatti L, Nelli L, Bertolini M, Zibordi F, Pedrotti L
      A comparison of four methods to estimate population size of Alpine marmot (Marmota marmota)
      2017 HYSTRIX-ITALIAN JOURNAL OF MAMMALOGY, Band: 28, Nummer: 1
    5. Johnson GR, Kangas JD, Dovzhenko A, Trojok R, Voigt K, Majarian TD, Palme K, Murphy RF
      A method for characterizing phenotypic changes in highly variable cell populations and its application to high content screening of Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts.
      2017 Cytom Part A, Band: 91, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 326 - 335
    6. Renault H, Alber A, ..., Reski R, Werck-Reichhart D
      A phenol-enriched cuticle is ancestral to lignin evolution in land plants.
      2017 Nat Commun, Band: 8, Seiten: 14713 - 14713
    7. de Cataldo M
      A support theorem for the Hitchin fibration: the case of SL_n
      2017 Compos Math, Band: 153, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 1316 - 1347
    8. Alicki R, Gelbwaser-Klimovsky D, Jenkins A
      A thermodynamic cycle for the solar cell
      2017 ANNALS OF PHYSICS, Band: 378, Seiten: 71 - 87
    9. Lee HW, Khan SQ, ..., Tharaux PL, Huber TB, Kretzler M, Bitzer M, Reiser J, Gupta V
      Absence of miR-146a in Podocytes Increases Risk of Diabetic Glomerulopathy via Up-regulation of ErbB4 and Notch-1.
      2017 J Biol Chem, Band: 292, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 732 - 747
    10. Lang A, Qu Z, ..., Aktories K, Mannherz H
      Actin ADP-ribosylation at Threonine148 by Photorhabdus luminescens toxin TccC3 induces aggregation of intracellular F-actin
      2017 CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY, Band: 19, Nummer: 1
    11. Buehler C, Kleber C, Martini N, Xie Y, Dryg I, Stieglitz T, Hofmann U, Asplund M
      Actively controlled release of Dexamethasone from neural microelectrodes in a chronic in vivo study
      2017 BIOMATERIALS, Band: 129, Seiten: 176 - 187
    12. Rao A, Huang Y-C, Coelfen H
      Additive Speciation and Phase Behavior Modulating Mineralization
      2017 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, Band: 121, Nummer: 39, Seiten: 21641 - 21649
    13. Pliotas C, Grayer SC, Ekkerman S, ..., Conway SJ
      Adenosine Monophosphate Binding Stabilizes the KTN Domain of the Shewanella denitrificans Kef Potassium Efflux System.
      2017 Biochemistry-us, Band: 56, Nummer: 32, Seiten: 4219 - 4234
    14. Shojaei H, Muthukumar M
      Adsorption and encapsulation of flexible polyelectrolytes in charged spherical vesicles
      2017 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, Band: 146, Nummer: 24
    15. Garai Z, ..., Vaˇnko M, Raetz S, Seeliger M, Marka C, Gilbert H
      Affordable echelle spectroscopy of the eccentric HAT-P-2, WASP-14 and XO-3 planetary systems with a sub-meter-class telescope
      2017 Astronomical Notes, Band: 338, Seiten: 35 - 48
    16. Probst T, Sattel H, Henningsen P, Gündel H, Lahmann C
      Alexithymia as a Moderator of Treatment Outcomes in a Randomized Controlled Trial on Brief Psychodynamic Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Patients with Multisomatoform Disorder
      2017 Psychother Psychosom, Band: 86, Seiten: 57 - 59
    17. Stenzel K, ..., Jung M, Gohlke H, Kassack M, Kurz T
      Alkoxyurea-Based Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Increase Cisplatin Potency in Chemoresistant Cancer Cell Lines
      2017 JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, Band: 60, Nummer: 13, Seiten: 5334 - 5348
    18. Haydl AM, Breit B, Liang T, Krische MJ
      Alkynes as Electrophlic or Nucleophilic Allylmetal Precursors in Transition Metal Catalysis
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 56, Seiten: 11466 - 11480
    19. Mueller SJ, Hoernstein SN, Reski R
      Approaches to Characterize Organelle, Compartment, or Structure Purity.
      2017 Methods Mol Biol, Band: 1511, Seiten: 13 - 28
    20. Niemann N, Wiegel P, Kurz A, Rothwell JC, Leukel C
      Assessing the contribution of D- and I-waves to changes in motoneurone excitability with spinal H-reflexes
      2017 J Neurophysiol
    21. Hugle M, Lucas X, Ostrovskyi D, Regenass P, Gerhardt S, Einsle O, Hau M, Jung M, Breit B, Gunther S, Wohlwend D
      Beyond the BET Family: Targeting CBP/p300 with 4-Acyl Pyrroles.
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 56, Nummer: 41, Seiten: 12476 - 12480
    22. Fuchs S, Lindel F, Krems R, Hanson G, Antezza M, Buhmann S
      Casimir-Lifshitz force for nonreciprocal media and applications to photonic topological insulators
      2017 PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Band: 96, Nummer: 6
    23. Hau M, Zenk F, Ganesan A, Iovino N, Jung M
      Cellular analysis of the action of epigenetics drugs and probes.
      2017 Epigenetics, Seiten: 0 - 0
    24. Campana F
      Characteristic foliation on non-uniruled smooth divisors on hyperkähler manifolds
      2017 J Lond Math Soc, Band: 2, Nummer: 95, Seiten: 115 - 127
    25. Parveen S, Li C, Hassan A, Breit B
      Chemo-, Regio-, and Enantioselective Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylation of Pyridazinones with Terminal Allenes
      2017 Org Lett, Band: 19, Seiten: 2326 - 2329
    26. Tsai W-B, ..., Jung M, Chen H, Kuo M
      Chromatin remodeling system p300-HDAC2-Sin3A is involved in Arginine Starvation-Induced HIF-1 alpha Degradation at the ASS1 promoter for ASS1 Derepression
      2017 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Band: 7
    27. Rees JA, Björnsson R, Kowalska JK, Lima FA, Schlesier J, Sippel D, Weyhermüller T, Einsle O, Kovacs JA, DeBeer S
      Comparative electronic structures of nitrogenase FeMoco and FeVco
      2017 Dalton T, Band: 46, Seiten: 2445 - 2455
    28. Jia D, Muthukumar M, Cheng H, Han C, Harnmouda B
      Concentration Fluctuations near Lower Critical Solution Temperature in Ternary Aqueous Solutions
      2017 MACROMOLECULES, Band: 50, Nummer: 18, Seiten: 7291 - 7298
    29. Rieger S, Pfau J, Stieglitz T, Asplund M, Ordonez J
      Concept and Development of an Electronic Framework Intended for Electrode and Surrounding Environment Characterization In Vivo
      2017 SENSORS, Band: 17, Nummer: 1
    30. Jalabert R, Molina R, Weick G, Weinmann D
      Correlation between peak-height modulation and phase lapses in transport through quantum dots
      2017 PHYSICAL REVIEW E, Band: 96, Nummer: 6
    31. Limburg K, Sattel H, Dinkel A, […], Lahmann C
      Course and predictors of DSM-5 somatic symptom disorder in patients with vertigo and dizziness symptoms - A longitudinal study
      2017 Compr Psychiatry, Band: 77, Seiten: 1 - 11
    32. Schuergers N, Mullineaux C, Wilde A
      Cyanobacteria in motion
      2017 CURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY, Band: 37, Seiten: 109 - 115
    33. Gretzmeier C, Eiselein S, Johnson GR, Engelke R, Nowag H, Zarei M, Kuttner V, Becker AC, Rigbolt KTG, Hoyer-Hansen M, Andersen JS, Munz C, Murphy RF, Dengjel J
      Degradation of protein translation machinery by amino acid starvation-induced macroautophagy.
      2017 Autophagy, Seiten: 1064 - 1075
    34. Krieger V, ..., Jung M, Gohlke H, Kassack M, Hansen F
      Design, Multicomponent Synthesis, and Anticancer Activity of a Focused Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitor Library with Peptoid-Based Cap Groups
      2017 JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, Band: 60, Nummer: 13, Seiten: 5493 - 5506
    35. Bae J
      Designing quantum information processing via structural physical approximations
      2017 Rep Prog Phys, Band: 80, Nummer: 10
    36. Saad K, Theis S, Otto A, Luke G, Patel K
      Detailed expression profile of the six Glypicans and their modifying enzyme, Notum during chick limb and feather development.
      2017 Gene, Band: 610, Seiten: 71 - 79
    37. Daniels IN, Wang Z, Laird BB
      Dielectric properties of organic solvents in an electric field
      2017 J Phys Chem C, Band: 121, Seiten: 1025 - 1031
    38. Eisenberg T, Abdellatif M, ..., Dengjel J, Kiechl S, Kroemer G, Sedej S, Madeo F
      Dietary spermidine for lowering high blood pressure.
      2017 Autophagy, Band: 13, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 767 - 769
    39. Kebekus S
      Differential forms in positive characteristic avoiding resolution of singularities
      2017 Bull. Soc. Math. France, Band: 145, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 305 - 343
    40. Joos A, Baumann K, Scheidt CE, Lahmann C, König R, Busch HJ, Schulze-Bonhage A
      Differentialdiagnostik dissoziativer Anfälle
      2017 Nervenarzt, Band: 88, Seiten: 1147 - 1152
    41. Rahalkar A, Muthukumar M
      Diffusion of Polyelectrolytes in Polyelectrolyte Gels
      2017 MACROMOLECULES, Band: 50, Nummer: 20, Seiten: 8158 - 8168
    42. Diedrich B, Rigbolt KT, ..., Gretzmeier C, Murphy RF, Brummer T, Dengjel J
      Discrete cytosolic macromolecular BRAF complexes exhibit distinct activities and composition.
      2017 Embo J, Band: 36, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 646 - 663
    43. Hesselbach K, ..., Gunther S, Merfort I, Humar M
      Disease relevant modifications of the methylome and transcriptome by particulate matter (PM2.5) from biomass combustion.
      2017 Epigenetics, Band: 12, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 779 - 792
    44. Mothes H, Leukel C, Seelig H, Fuchs R
      Do placebo expectations influence perceived exertion during physical exercise?
      2017 Plos One, Band: 12, Nummer: 6
    45. Corlatti L, Storch I, Filli F, Anderwald P
      Does selection on horn length of males and females differ in protected and hunted populations of a weakly dimorphic ungulate?
      2017 Ecol Evol, Band: 7, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 3713 - 3723
    46. Villegas-Escobar N, Larsen MH, Gutierrez-Oliva S, Hashmi ASK, Toro-Labbe A
      Double Gold Activation of 1-Ethynyl-2-(Phenylethynyl)Benzene Toward 5-exo-dig and 6-endo-dig Cyclization Reactions
      2017 Chemistry, A European Journal, Band: 23, Seiten: 13360 - 13368
    47. Ellaithy D, El-Moursy M, Ibrahim G, Zaki A, Zekry A
      Double Logarithmic Arithmetic Technique for Low-Power 3-D Graphics Applications
      2017 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS, Band: 25, Nummer: 7, Seiten: 2144 - 2152
    48. Diaz S, Brela MZ, Gutierrez-Oliva S, Toro-Labbe A, Michalak A
      ETS-NOCV Decomposition of the Reaction Force: The HCN/CNH Isomerization Reaction Assisted by Water.
      2017 J Comput Chem, Band: 38, Nummer: 24, Seiten: 2076 - 2087
    49. Fiedler J, Thiyam P, ..., Buhmann S
      Effective Polarizability Models
      2017 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, Band: 121, Nummer: 51, Seiten: 9742 - 9751
    50. Jou I, Muthukumar M
      Effects of Nanopore Charge Decorations on the Translocation Dynamics of DNA
      2017 BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, Band: 113, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 1664 - 1672
    51. Morozova S, Muthukumar M
      Elasticity at Swelling Equilibrium of Ultrasoft Polyelectrolyte Gels: Comparisons of Theory and Experiments
      2017 MACROMOLECULES, Band: 50, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 2456 - 2466
    52. Antonioli M, Di Rienzo M, Piacentini M, Fimia G
      Emerging Mechanisms in Initiating and Terminating Autophagy
      2017 TRENDS IN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES, Band: 42, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 28 - 41
    53. Thieme N, Breit B
      Enantioselective and Regiodivergent Addition of Purines to Terminal Allenes: Synthesis of Abacavir
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 56, Seiten: 1520 - 1524
    54. Barcellona P, Safari H, Salam A, Buhmann SY
      Enhanced Chiral Discriminatory van der Waals Interactions Mediated by Chiral Surfaces.
      2017 Phys Rev Lett, Band: 118, Nummer: 19, Seiten: 193401 - 193401
    55. Haase D, Hermann B, Einsle O, Simon J
      Epsilonproteobacterial hydroxylamine oxidoreductase (εHao): Characterization of a 'missing link' in the multihaem cytochrome c family
      2017 Mol Microbiol, Band: 105, Seiten: 127 - 138
    56. Poh P, Hege C, ..., Schiller S, Schilling A, Hutmacher D
      Evaluation of polycaprolactone-poly-D,L-lactide copolymer as biomaterial for breast tissue engineering
      2017 POLYMER INTERNATIONAL, Band: 66, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 77 - 84
    57. Mothes H, Leukel C, Jo HG, Seelig H, Schmidt S, Fuchs R
      Expectations affect psychological and neurophysiological benefits even after a single bout of exercise
      2017 J Behav Med, Band: 40, Seiten: 293 - 306
    58. Li C, Maillet I, Mackowiak C, Viala C, Di Padova F, Li M, Togbe D, Quesniaux V, Lai Y, Ryffel B
      Experimental atopic dermatitis depends on IL-33R signaling via MyD88 in dendritic cells.
      2017 Cell Death Dis, Band: 8, Nummer: 4, Seiten: e2735 - e2735
    59. Witt B, Rudnicki L, Tanimura Y, Mintert F
      Exploring complete positivity in hierarchy equations of motion
      2017 NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, Band: 19
    60. Peralta G, Stevani EL, Chacoff NP, Dorado J, Vazquez DP
      Fire influences the structure of plant-bee networks.
      2017 J Anim Ecol, Band: 86, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 1372 - 1379
    61. Hepp C, Krogmann F, Urban G
      Flow rate independent sensing of thermal conductivity in a gas stream by a thermal MEMS-sensor - Simulation and experiments
      2017 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, Band: 253, Seiten: 136 - 145
    62. Yamashita N, Ma Z, ..., Tabata O
      Formation of gold nanoparticle dimers on silicon by sacrificial DNA origami technique
      2017 MICRO & NANO LETTERS, Band: 12, Nummer: 11, SI, Seiten: 854 - 859
    63. Huber TB, Holthofer H
      From genetics to personalized nephrology: kidney research at a tipping point.
      2017 Cell Tissue Res, Band: 369, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 1 - 4
    64. Siegrist J, Netzer J, Mordhorst S, Karst L, Gerhardt S, Einsle O, Richter M, Andexer JN
      Functional and structural characterisation of a bacterial O-methyltransferase and factors determining regioselectivity
      2017 Febs Lett, Band: 591, Seiten: 312 - 321
    65. Fontana C, Schmidt T
      General dynamic term structures under default risk
      2017 Stochastic Processes and their Applications
    66. Baluschev S
      Halogen-containing thiazole orange analogues – new fluorogenic DNA stains
      2017 Beilstein J Org Chem, Band: 13, Seiten: 2902 - 2914
    67. Ruan X, Wulfing C, Murphy RF
      Image-based spatiotemporal causality inference for protein signaling networks.
      2017 Bioinformatics, Band: 33, Nummer: 14, Seiten: i217 - i224
    68. Koenne M, Bennett R, Reisinger T, Buhmann S
      Impact of dispersion forces on matter-wave scattering near a dielectric disk
      2017 PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Band: 96, Nummer: 1
    69. Gros S
      Implicit Integrators for Linear Dynamics Coupled to a Nonlinear Static Feedback and Application to Wind Turbine Control
      2017 IFAC-PapersOnLine, Band: 50, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 545 - 551
    70. Gros S
      Induction in Optimal Control of Multiple-Kite Airborne Wind Energy Systems
      2017 IFAC-PapersOnLine, Band: 50, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 153 - 158
    71. van der Est A
      Interfacial Electron Transfer Followed by Photooxidation in N,N-Bis(p-anisole)aminopyridine–Aluminum(III) Porphyrin–Titanium(IV) Oxide Self-Assembled Photoanodes
      2017 J Phys Chem C, Band: 121, Seiten: 14484 - 14497
    72. Stenzel K, ..., Sippl W, Jung M, Kurz T
      Isophthalic Acid-Based HDAC Inhibitors as Potent Inhibitors of HDAC8 from Schistosoma mansoni
      2017 ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE, Band: 350, Nummer: 8
    73. Alt M, Fiedler E, Rudmann L, Ordonez J, Ruther P, Stieglitz T
      Let There Be Light-Optoprobes for Neural Implants
      2017 PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, Band: 105, Nummer: 1, SI, Seiten: 101 - 138
    74. Quirynen R, Gros S, Houska B, Diehl M
      Lifted collocation integrators for direct optimal control in ACADO toolkit
      2017 MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING COMPUTATION, Band: 9, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 527 - 571
    75. Wilde A, Mullineaux C
      Light-controlled motility in prokaryotes and the problem of directional light perception
      2017 FEMS MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS, Band: 41, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 900 - 922
    76. Lambrecht A, Schmidt J, Weckesser P, Debatin M, Karpa L, Schaetz T
      Long lifetimes and effective isolation of ions in optical and electrostatic traps
      2017 NATURE PHOTONICS, Band: 11, Nummer: 11
    77. Czulkies Bernd, Mastroianni Justin, ..., Zeiser R, Aktories K, Papatheodorou P
      Loss of LSR affects epithelial barrier integrity and tumor xenograft growth of CaCo-2 cells
      2017 ONCOTARGET, Band: 8, Nummer: 23, Seiten: 37009 - 37022
    78. Morash T, Collins-Hooper H, Mitchell R, Patel K
      Mammalian Skeletal Muscle Fibres Promote Non-Muscle Stem Cells and Non-Stem Cells to Adopt Myogenic Characteristics
      2017 FIBERS, Band: 5, Nummer: 1
    79. Dufour G, Bruenner T, ..., Buchleitner A
      Many-particle interference in a two-component bosonic Josephson junction: an all-optical simulation
      2017 NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, Band: 19
    80. Antonioli M, Ciccosanti F, Dengjel J, Fimia GM
      Methods to Study the BECN1 Interactome in the Course of Autophagic Responses.
      2017 Method Enzymol, Band: 587, Seiten: 429 - 445
    81. Rao A, Gebauer D, Coelfen H
      Modulating Nucleation by Kosmotropes and Chaotropes: Testing the Waters
      2017 CRYSTALS, Band: 7, Nummer: 10
    82. Michelfelder S, ..., Reski R, Decker E, Haeffner K
      Moss-Produced, Glycosylation-Optimized Human Factor H for Therapeutic Application in Complement Disorders
      2017 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY, Band: 28, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 1462 - 1474
    83. Hepp C, Krogmann F, Urban G
      Multi-parameter monitoring of binary gas mixtures: Concentration and flow rate by DC excitation of thermal sensor arrays
      2017 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, Band: 265, Seiten: 32 - 39
    84. Ntie-Kang F, Telukunta KK, Doring K, Simoben CV, A Moumbock AF, Malange YI, Njume LE, Yong JN, Sippl W, Gunther S
      NANPDB: A Resource for Natural Products from Northern African Sources.
      2017 J Nat Prod, Band: 80, Nummer: 7, Seiten: 2067 - 2076
    85. Dantas JM, Brausemann A, Einsle O, Salgueiro CA
      NMR studies of the interaction between inner membrane-associated and periplasmic cytochromes from Geobacter sulfurreducens
      2017 Febs Lett, Band: 591, Seiten: 1657 - 1666
    86. Iljina O, ..., Schulze-Bonhage A, Auer P, Aertsen A, Ball T
      Neurolinguistic and machine-learning perspectives on direct speech BCIs for restoration of naturalistic communication
      2017 BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACES, Band: 4, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 186 - 199
    87. Djurdjevic I, Einsle O, Decamps L
      Nitrogenase cofactor: Inspiration for model chemistry
      2017 Chem. As. J., Band: 12, Seiten: 1447 - 1455
    88. Taube W, Leukel C, Nielsen JB, Lundbye-Jensen J
      Non-invasive Assessment of Changes in Corticomotoneuronal Transmission in Humans
      2017 Jove-j Vis Exp, Band: 123
    89. Krones E, Eller K, ..., Grahammer F, Huber TB, Wagner K, Rosenkranz AR, Marschall HU, Fickert P
      NorUrsodeoxycholic acid ameliorates cholemic nephropathy in bile duct ligated mice.
      2017 J Hepatol
    90. Vaˇnko M, Torres G, ..., Raetz S, Shugarov SY
      On the nature of the candidate T-Tauri star V501 Aurigae
      2017 MNRAS, Band: 467
    91. Spallek F, Buchleitner A, Wellens T
      Optimal trapping of monochromatic light in designed photonic multilayer structures
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      Oxidized and Si-doped graphene: emerging adsorbents for removal of dioxane.
      2017 Phys Chem Chem Phys, Band: 19, Nummer: 27, Seiten: 17587 - 17597
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      Partial local density of states from scanning gate microscopy
      2017 PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Band: 96, Nummer: 12
    94. Reinhardt H, ..., Jung M, Hug M, Engelhardt M
      Paving the Way for Dose Banding of Chemotherapy: An Analytical Approach
      2017 JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE CANCER NETWORK, Band: 15, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 484 - 493
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      Photochromic histone deacetylase inhibitors based on dithienylethenes and fulgimides
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    97. Mellows B, Mitchell R, Antonioli M, ..., Holthofer H, Joch B, ..., Huber TB, Dengjel J, De Coppi P, Patel K
      Protein and Molecular Characterization of a Clinically Compliant Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicle Fraction Capable of Accelerating Muscle Regeneration Through Enhancement of Angiogenesis.
      2017 Stem Cells Dev, Band: 26, Nummer: 18, Seiten: 1316 - 1333
    98. Jank T, Belyi Y, Wirth C, Rospert S, Hu Z, Dengjel J, Tzivelekidis T, Andersen GR, Hunte C, Schlosser A, Aktories K
      Protein glutaminylation is a yeast-specific posttranslational modification of elongation factor 1A.
      2017 J Biol Chem, Band: 292, Nummer: 39, Seiten: 16014 - 16023
    99. Probst T, Dinkel A, Schmid-Mühlbauer G, […], Lahmann C
      Psychological distress longitudinally mediates the effect of vertigo symptoms on vertigo-related handicap
      2017 J Psychosom Res, Band: 93, Seiten: 62 - 68
    100. Xie Y, Harsan LA, Bienert T, Kirch RD, von Elverfeldt D, Hofmann UG
      Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of in vivo SD-OCT measurement of rat brain.
      2017 Biomed Opt Express, Band: 8, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 593 - 607
    101. Lacour F, ..., Patel K, ..., Le Grand F
      R-spondin1 Controls Muscle Cell Fusion through Dual Regulation of Antagonistic Wnt Signaling Pathways.
      2017 Cell Rep, Band: 18, Nummer: 10, Seiten: 2320 - 2330
    102. Beck TM, Breit B
      Regio- and Enantioselective Rhodium-Catalyzed Addition of 1,3-Diketones to Allenes: Construction of Asymmetric Tertiary and Quaternary All Carbon Centers
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 56, Seiten: 1903 - 1907
    103. Dumit VI, ..., Gretzmeier C, Kuttner V, van der Laan M, Braun RJ, Dengjel J
      Respiratory status determines the effect of emodin on cell viability.
      2017 Oncotarget
    104. Zhou Y, Breit B
      Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric N-H Functionalization of Quinazolinones with Allenes and Allylic Carbonates: The First Enantioselective Formal Total Synthesis of (-)-Chaetominine.
      2017 Chem-eur J, Band: 23, Nummer: 72, Seiten: 18156 - 18160
    105. Khakyzadeh V, Wang YH, Breit B
      Rhodium-catalyzed addition of sulfonyl hydrazides to allenes: regioselective synthesis of branched allylic sulfones
      2017 Chem Commun, Band: 53, Seiten: 4966 - 4968
    106. Dengjel J, Abeliovich H
      Roles of mitophagy in cellular physiology and development
      2017 CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH, Band: 367, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 95 - 109
    107. Walschaers M, Mulet R, Buchleitner A
      Scattering theory of efficient quantum transport across finite networks
    108. Zierep PF, Padilla N, Yonchev DG, Telukunta KK, Klementz D, Gunther S
      SeMPI: a genome-based secondary metabolite prediction and identification web server.
      2017 Nucleic Acids Res
    109. Ostevold K, ..., Aktories K, Schwan C
      Septin remodeling is essential for the formation of cell membrane protrusions (microtentacles) in detached tumor cells
      2017 ONCOTARGET, Band: 8, Nummer: 44, Seiten: 76686 - 76698
    110. Tamborenea P, Wellens T, Weinmann D, Jalabert R
      Spin-relaxation time in the impurity band of wurtzite semiconductors
      2017 PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Band: 96, Nummer: 12
    111. Laird BB
      Step-controlled Brownian Motion of Nano-sized Liquid Pb Inclusions in a Solid Al Matrix
      2017 Acta Mater, Band: 141, Seiten: 427 - 433
    112. Decker EL, ..., Reski R, Al-Babili S
      Strigolactone biosynthesis is evolutionarily conserved, regulated by phosphate starvation and contributes to resistance against phytopathogenic fungi in a moss, Physcomitrella patens.
      2017 New Phytol
    113. Klatt J, Barcellona P, Bennett R, Bokareva OS, Feth H, Rasch A, Reith P, Buhmann SY
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