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Publikationen Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften 2019

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

Jahre: 2019
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    1. Leoncini, Riccardo
      'Better late than never'. A longitudinal quantile regression approach to the interplay between green technology and age for firm growth
      2019 Small Bus Econ, Band: 52, Seiten: 891 - 904
    2. Fluck, Winfried
      A Reply
      2019 American Literary History, Band: 31.2, Seiten: 296 - 300
    3. Jung, Sandro
      An American Parody of Thomson’s Celadon and Amelia Tale
      2019 ANQ A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles Notes and Reviews, Band: 32
    4. Sessarego, Sandro
      Aspectos de la entonación afroperuana. In Luján, M., Valencia, A. & Micaela Carrera
      2019 Cuadernos de la Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina, Band: 11, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 199 - 215
    5. Yazdankhahfard Mohammadreza, Haghani Fariba, Omid Athar, Scheidt Carl
      Clinical Teacher’s Experiences of the Influence of Participation in the Balint Group on their Work Life in Clinical Settings: A Qualitative Study
      2019 ANNALS OF MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES RESEARCH, Band: 9, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 575 - 585
    6. Renner, Fritz
      Cognitive Processing and Regulation Modulates Analogue Trauma Symptoms in a Virtual Reality Paradigm.
      2019 Cognitive Ther Res, Band: 43, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 199 - 213
    7. Musolff, Andreas
      Creativity in metaphor interpretation.
      2019 Russian Journal of Linguistics, Band: 23, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 23 - 39
    8. Canning, Kathleen
      Democracy in the Making: Germany’s Remembrance of the Founding of the Weimar Republic
      2019 GHI Bulletin: Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, Band: 65
    9. Stell, Gerald
      Dimensions of sociolinguistic distinction in postcolonial ethnic diversity: Folk perceptions of language across Namibia’s rural/urban divide
      2019 Lingua, Band: 226, Seiten: 53 - 68
    10. Dulay Katrina, Cheung Sum, Reyes Philip, McBride Catherine
      Effects of Parent Coaching on Filipino Children Numeracy, Language, and Literacy Skills
      2019 JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, Band: 111, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 641 - 662
    11. Blumenthal-Dramé, Alice
      Effects of task and corpus-derived association scores on the online processing of collocations
      2019 Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, Band: 0, Nummer: 0
    12. Kamel, Lorenzo
      From Pluralization to Fragmentation: The Iraqi Kurdish Case from an Historical Perspective
      2019 Nuova Rivista Storica, Band: 103, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 251 - 266
    13. Suwignyo Agus
      Gotong royong as social citizenship in Indonesia, 1940s to 1990s
      2019 JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES, Band: 50, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 387 - 408
    14. Musolff, Andreas
      Hostility Towards immigrants’ languages in Britain: a backlash against ‘super-diversity’?
      2019 Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, Band: 40, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 257 - 266
    15. Daneshgar, Majid
      How Intellectuals Censor the Intellect: (Mis-)Representation of Traditional History and its Consequences
      2019 the journal of interrupted studies, Band: 2, Seiten: 69 - 89
    16. Renner, Fritz
      Imagery rescripting in individuals with binge-eating behavior: An experimental proof-of-concept study
      2019 Int J Eat Disorder, Band: 52, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 183 - 188
    17. Stell, Gerald
      Intergroup dynamics and variation in postcolonial ESL varieties: A preliminary view of Namibian English vowel systems
      2019 English World Wide, Band: 40, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 144 - 169
    18. Buchholz, Michael
      Interpersonalität und Konversation - Voraussetzungen für eine Theorie.
      2019 Psychosozial, Band: 42, Nummer: 155, Seiten: 67 - 83
    19. Musolff, Andreas
      Introduction: Language aggression in public debates on immigration
      2019 Language Aggression in Public Debates on Immigration, Band: 5, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 1 - 3
    20. Renner, Fritz
      Mental imagery as a “motivational amplifier” to promote activities
      2019 Behav Res Ther, Band: 114, Seiten: 51 - 59
    21. Richardson, Brian
      Nonfictional Drama: Autobiography in Performance
      2019 Factual and Fictional Narration II: Diachronic and Intermedial Perspectives
    22. Stead, Evanghelia
      Paul Claudel : Voyages dans l’espace des livres
      2019 Bulletin de la Société Paul Claudel, Band: 227, Seiten: 101 - 105
    23. Piper, Nicola
      Political Remittances and the Diffusion of a Migrant Rights Agenda in transnational activist networks: the case of the Migrant Forum in Asia
      2019 Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
    24. Zemanek, Evi
      Pour une écologie littéraire: Changements environnementaux, innovations (éco)poetiques et transformations des genres: le cas du nouveau récit de village
      2019 Questionner les Humanités environnementales: regards croisés France/Allemagne, Band: 1
    25. Capuno, Joseph
      Probing Conflict Contagion and Casualties in Mindanao, Philippines
      2019 Defence and Peace Economics, Seiten: 1 - 20
    26. Riemenschnitter, Andrea
      Probing the Limits of Languaging: Material Ecology and Thing Agency in Yu Jian’s Poetry
      2019 International Communication of Chinese Culture, Band: 6, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 39 - 61
    27. Hanulikova, Adriana, Konieczny, Lars, Levy, Helena
      Processing of unfamiliar accents in monolingual and bilingual children: Effects of type and amount of accent experience.
      2019 Journal of Child Language, Band: 46, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 368 - 392
    28. Levy Helena, Konieczny Lars, Hanulikova Adriana
      Processing of unfamiliar accents in monolingual and bilingual children: effects of type and amount of accent experience
      2019 JOURNAL OF CHILD LANGUAGE, Band: 46, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 368 - 392
    29. Lähnemann, Henrike
      Secretome of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells promotes skeletal muscle regeneration through synergistic action of extracellular vesicle cargo and soluble proteins
      2019 Stem Cell Res Ther, Band: 10, Nummer: 1, Seite: 116
    30. Deflers, Isabelle
      Ses sources, sa pensée, sa place dans l’histoire
      2019 Historische Zeitschrift, Band: 303, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 192 - 194
    31. Blumenthal-Drame, Alice, Malaia, Evie
      Shared neural and cognitive mechanisms in action and language: The multiscale information transfer framework
    32. Blumenthal-Drame Alice, Malaia Evie
      Shared neural and cognitive mechanisms in action and language: The multiscale information transfer framework
    33. Bauder, Harald
      Solidarity Cities in Germany and Switzerland: A Brief Overview of Initiatives
      2019 Research Briefs, Band: 2
    34. Tschacher, Wolfgang
      Synergetik: Ein interdisziplinärer Ansatz, systemisch zu denken
      2019 Familiendynamik, Band: 44, Seiten: 164 - 165
    35. Buchholz, Michael
      Szenisches Verstehen und Konversationsanalyse
      2019 Psyche - Z Psychoanal, Band: 73, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 414 - 441
    36. Jung, Sandro
      The Color-Printed Plates for Edward Jeffery’s Edition of Walpole’s Castle of Otranto (1796)
      2019 PAPERS OF THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Band: 113, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 55 - 67
    37. Jung Sandro
      The Color-Printed Plates for Edward Jeffery’s Edition of Walpole’s Castle of Otranto (1796)
      2019 PAPERS OF THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Band: 113, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 55 - 67
    38. Loughlin, Martin
      The Contemporary Crisis of Constitutional Democracy
      2019 Oxford J of Legal Studies, Seiten: 435 - 454
    39. Fluck, Winfried
      The Limits of Critique and the Affordances of Form: Literary Studies after the Hermeneutics of Suspicion
      2019 American Literary History, Band: 31.2, Seiten: 229 - 248
    40. Loughlin, Martin
      The Political Constitution Revisited
      2019 King’s Law Journal, Seiten: 5 - 20
    41. Escresa, Laarni
      The determinants of cross-border corruption
      2019 Public Choice
    42. Nadalutti, Elisabetta
      To what extent does governance change because of sub-regional cooperation? The analysis of Iskandar-Malaysia
      2019 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF THE ASIA-PACIFIC, Band: 19, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 1 - 31
    43. Stead, Evanghelia
      Une lithographie singulière d’Emil Nolde pour le Faust de Goethe
      2019 La Ronde des arts, Band: 184, Seiten: 30 - 41
    44. Richardson, Brian
      Unnatural Narratology: An Overview
      2019 Eur J Engl Stud
    45. Bauder, Harald
      Urban Sanctuary Policies and Solidarity Practices in Germany and Switzerland
      2019 Cities of Migration
    46. Rießler, Michael
      Using computational approaches to integrate endangered language legacy data into documentation corpora. Past experiences and challenges ahead.
      2019 Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Methods for Endangered Languages, Band: 2, Seiten: 24 - 30
    47. Levy Helena, Hanulikova, Adriana
      Variation in children’s vowel production: Effects of language exposure and lexical frequency
      2019 LABORATORY PHONOLOGY, Band: 10, Nummer: 1
    48. Hanulíková, Adriana
      Variation in children’s vowel production: Effects of language exposure and lexical frequency.
      2019 Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, Band: 10, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 1 - 26
    49. Malaia Evie, Wilbur Ronnie
      Visual and linguistic components of short-term memory: Generalized Neural Model (GNM) for spoken and sign languages
      2019 CORTEX, Band: 112, Nummer: SI, Seiten: 69 - 79
    50. Becker, Sabina
      Von 1915 bis 1918 diente er als Militärarzt in Elsass-Lothringen
      2019 Magazin zur regionalen Kultur und Geschichte, Band: 2, Nummer: 55, Seiten: 14 - 28
    51. Capuno, Joseph
      What drive the local incidence of crime, shadow economy and resource-related conflicts in Mindanao, Philippines? Evidence of spillover effects
      2019 J Asia Pac Econ, Band: 24, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 42 - 65
    52. Tan Joan, Jung Sandro
      William Shenstone, the Book, and the Production of Tasteful Objects
      2019 BOOK COLLECTOR, Band: 68, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 281 - 299
    53. Piper, Nicola
      Women migrants in the global economy: a global overview (and regional perspectives)
      2019 Gender & Development, Band: 27, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 13 - 15
    54. Suzuki, Yasushi
      Über den Aufforderungsausdruck im Althochdeutschen
      2019 Language and Culture (Bulletin of the Institute for Language and Education Aich University), Band: 39, Seiten: 29 - 44
    55. Leoncini Riccardo, Marzucchi Alberto, Montresor Sandro, Rentocchini Francesco, Rizzo Ugo
      ‘Better late than never’: the interplay between green technology and age for firm growth
      2019 SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS, Band: 52, Nummer: 4, SI, Seiten: 891 - 904
    56. Bednarek, Monika
      ‘Don’t say crap. Don’t use swear words.’ – Negotiating the use of swear/taboo words in the narrative mass media
      2019 Discourse, Context & Media, Band: 29, Seiten: 1 - 14
    57. Musolff, Andreas
      ”Taking the shackles off?” Metaphor and Metonymy of Migrant Children and Border Officials in the U.S.
      2019, Band: 29, Seiten: 11 - 46

    Reviews/Übersichtsartikel in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

    Jahre: 2019
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      1. Chua, Lawrence
        Night Fever: Designing Club Culture, 1960 — Today
        2019 The Journal of Architecture, Band: 24, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 130 - 138


      Jahre: 2019
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        1. Ohio State University Press
          A Poetics of Plot for the Twenty-first Century: Theorizing Unruly Narratives
          Richardson, Brian
        2. Peeters
          Albertus Magnus, Super Iohannem
          Casteigt, Julie
        3. Ilex and Harvard University Press
          Approaching Islam: Classical Categories and Modern Scholarship
          Daneshgar, Majid
        4. Routledge
          Cities and Cinema
          Mennel, Barbara
        5. Cambridge University Press
          Constitutional Transition and the Travail of Judges. The Courts of South Korea
          ISBN: 978-1-108-47489-4
          Kim, Marie Seong-Hak
        6. Routledge
          Coping with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD: A Global Perspective
          McBride, Catherine
        7. Nomos eLibrary
          Das Strafrechtssystem der VR China. Historische Wurzeln und künftige Herausforderungen
          Leese, Daniel
        8. I.B.Tauris
          European Revolutions and the Ottoman Balkans: War, Nationalism and Empire from Napoleon to the Bolsheviks (The Ottoman Empire and the World)
          Stamatopoulos, Dimitris
        9. C.H.Beck
          Geschichte Frankreichs im 20. Jahrhundert
          Waechter, Matthias
        10. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
          Gestalt therapy in the light of current developments
          Tschacher, Wolfgang
        11. Propylaeum
          Image - narration - context: visual narration in cultures and societies of the Old World
          Wagner-Durand, Elisabeth, Fath, Barbara, Heinemann, Alexander
        12. Éditions de la Sorbonne
          L'Europe, une chance pour les femmes? Le genre de la construction européenne
          Briatte, Anne-Laure, Gubin, Éliane, Thébaud, Françoise
        13. Cambridge University Press
          Language Contact and the Making of an Afro-Hispanic Vernacular: Variation and Change in the Colombian Chocó.
          Sessarego, Sandro
        14. Oxford University Press
          Metaphors of Confinement
          Fludernik, Monika
        15. W. W. Norton & Company, Seite: 384
          Mind Fixers: Psychiatry's Troubled Search for the Biology of Mental Illness
          ISBN: 0393071227
          Harrington, Anne
        16. Equinox Publishing Ltd
          Muslim Qur’anic Interpretation Today. Media, Genealogies, and Interpretive Communities
          Pink, Johanna
        17. Peeters
          Métaphysique et connaissance testimoniale
          Casteigt, Julie
        18. Routledge
          Silence and Silencing in psychoanalysis
          Buchholz, Michael
        19. De Gruyter
          Socio-cultural and Linguistic History of the Pitkern and Norf’k Language
          Mühlhäusler, Peter
        20. Edinburgh University Press
          The Middle East from Empire to Sealed Identities
          ISBN: 9781474448949
          Kamel, Lorenzo
        21. Springer
          The Process of Psychotherapy: Causation and Chance.
          Tschacher, Wolfgang, Haken, Hermann
        22. Springer
          The process of psychotherapy: Causation and chance.
          Tschacher, Wolfgang
        23. Suhrkamp
          Warum Frauen im Sozialismus besseren Sex haben - Und andere Argumente für ökonomische Unabhängigkeit
          Ghodsee, Kristen
        24. University of Illinois Press
          Women at Work in Twenty-first Century European Cinema
          Mennel, Barbara


        Jahre: 2019
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          1. Fretwell, Erica
            American Literature's Other Scripts
            In: Timelines of American Literature
            2019, Johns Hopkins University Press,
          2. Rießler, Michael
            An OCR system for the Unified Northern Alphabet
            In: International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic languages (IWCLUL 2019)
            2019, Association for Computational Linguistics,
          3. Pfänder, Stefan, Soto Rodriguez, Mario
            Andinos en Italia: contactos culturales – contactos lingüísticos. Sobre los primeros avances del proyecto Italiandino
            In: Sprach- und Kulturkontaktphänomene in der Romania – Phénomènes de contact linguistique et culturel dans la Romania
            2019, Erich Schmidt, Szlezak, Edith & Szlezak, Klara Stephanie, Szlezak, Edith & Szlezak, Klara Stephanie,
          4. Musolff, Andreas
            Brexit as “having your cake and eating it”: the discourse career of a proverb.
            In: Discourses of Brexit
            2019, Routledge, Seiten: 208 - 221,
          5. Leese, Daniel
            Case Files as Source of Alternative Memories from the Maoist Past
            In: Popular Memories from the Mao Era
            2019, Hong Kong University Press, Seiten: 199 - 219,
          6. Stell, Gerald
            Codeswitching, Transfer and Languaging. In J. Darquennes, J. Salmons and W. Vandenbussche
            In: Handbuch zur Sprachwissenschaft und Kommunikation
            2019, Mouton De Gruyter,
          7. Piper, Nicola
            Defending A Rights-Based Approach to Governing Labour Migration
            In: Wishes for the Future: Recommendations of Experts to the ILO
            2019, German Commission for Justice and Peace,
          8. Caracciolo, Marco
            Edgar Allan Poe Simulators: On Dream Logic, Game Narratives, and Poesque Atmospheres
            In: Video Games and Intermediality
            2019, Bloomsbury,
          9. Holdenried, Michaela
            Emine Sevgi Özdamars Werk als Paradigma Interkultureller Literaturwissenschaft?
            In: Interculturalité, histoire et écriture chez Emine Sevgi Özdamar.
            2019, L’ Harmattan, Seiten: 19 - 35,
          10. Herlinghaus, Hermann
            En torno a los poderes adictivos de tecnologías real-fantásticas. Releyendo La invención de Morel de Adolfo Bioy Casares
            In: La narración entre lo fantástico y lo posmoderno. Revisitando Julio Cortázar y Adolfo Bioy Casares
            2019, Iberoamericana-Vervuert,
          11. Lähnemann, Henrike
            From Medingen to Harvard: The Wanderings of Two Medieval Manuscripts
            In: Harvard Library Bulletin Summer 2017
            2019, Harvard Library Bulletin, Seiten: 2 - 26,
          12. Ho, Wai Yip
            From Neglected Problem to Flourishing Field: Recent Developments of Research on Muslims and Islam in China
            In: Concepts and Methods For the Study of Chinese Religions I: State of the Field and Disciplinary Approaches
            2019, De Gruyter,
          13. Musolff, Andreas
            Introduction: Migration and Crisis Identity.
            In: Migration and Media. Discourses about identities in crisis.
            2019, Benjamins, Seiten: 1 - 9,
          14. Buchholz, Michael
            Kooperation und Nachträglichkeit
            In: Forum der Psychoanalyse
            2019, SpringerLink,
          15. Burridge, Kate
            Linguistic cleanliness is next to godliness — but not for conservative Anabaptists
            In: Values and Multiplicity: Identity and Fluidity in Prescriptivism and Descriptivism
            2019, Multilingual Matters, ed. by Don Chapman and Jacob D. Rawlins, ed. by Don Chapman and Jacob D. Rawlins,
          16. Bachmaier, Lorena
            New crime control scenarios and the guarantees in non-criminal sanctions: presumption of innocence, fair trial rights and the protection of property
            In: Prevention, Investigation, and Sanctioning
of Economic Crime
            2019, Duncker & Humblot,
          17. Tschacher, Wolfgang
            Nicht)Besucher quantitativ gesehen
            In: Nicht-Besucherforschung. Audience Development für Kultureinrichtungen
            2019, Springer VS, Seiten: 55 - 80,
          18. Buchholz, Michael
            Re-Petition in (Therapeutic) Conversation: A Psychoanalyst's Perspective Using Conversation Analysis.
            In: Repetition, Recurrence, Returns: How Cultural Renewal Works
            2019, Lexington Books, Seiten: 85 - 108,
          19. Leese, Daniel
            Recht und Gerechtigkeit im Gefolge der Kulturrevolution
            In: Das Strafrechtssystem der VR China
            2019, Nomos eLibrary,
          20. Piper, Nicola
            Regional Migration Governance – Perspective from ‘above’ and ‘from below’
            In: The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance
            2019, Edward Elgar,
          21. Burridge, Kate, Benczes, Réka
            Speaking of disease and death
            In: The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language
            2019, Oxford University Press, ed. by Keith Allan, Seiten: 61 - 77, ed. by Keith Allan,
          22. Burridge, Kate, Benczes, Réka
            Taboo as a driver of language change and lexical obsolescence
            In: The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language
            2019, Oxford University Press, ed. by Keith Allan, Seiten: 180 - 199, ed. by Keith Allan,
          23. Burridge, Kate
            The Obelisk and the Asterisk: views on language and change from the late modern period
            In: Processes of Change in English: Studies in (Historical) Sociolinguistics
            2019, Cambridge University Press, ed. by Sandra Jansen, Lucia Siebers & Magnus Huber, ed. by Sandra Jansen, Lucia Siebers & Magnus Huber,
          24. Bednarek, Monika
            The multifunctionality of swear/taboo words in television series
            In: Emotion in Discourse
            2019, John Benjamins, Lachlan Mackenzie & Laura Alba-Juez, Seiten: 29 - 54, Lachlan Mackenzie & Laura Alba-Juez,
          25. Tschacher, Wolfgang
            The social present in psychotherapy – Duration of nowness in therapeutic interaction
            In: Linking Systemic Research and Practice – Innovations in paradigms, strategies and methods
            2019, Springer,
          26. Musolff, Andreas
            They have lived in our street for six years now and still don’t speak a work [!] of English. Scenarios of alleged linguistic underperformance as part of anti-immigrant discourses.
            In: Migration and Media. Discourses about identities in crisis
            2019, Benjamins, Seiten: 339 - 354,
          27. Piper, Nicola
            Towards a Global Compact on Migration – A new paradigm for human rights of migrants?
            In: Ethics for Life – Voices from Ecumenical Partners on a New Paradigm of Life and Society
            2019, Bread for the World,
          28. Prostmeier, Ferdinand
            Types du peuple de justes (Autol. II 15). La prétention politique du Christianisme
            In: La figure biblique du juste et ses enjeux théologiques dans le Nouveau Testament
            2019, Éditions du Cerf,
          29. Caracciolo, Marco
            Ungrounding Fictional Worlds: An Enactivist Perspective on the ‘Worldlikeness’ of Fiction
            In: Possible Worlds Theory and Contemporary Narratology
            2019, University of Nebraska Press, Marie-Laure Ryan & Alice Bell, Marie-Laure Ryan & Alice Bell,
          30. Sessarego, Sandro
            Universal Processes in Contact-Induced Syntactic Change.
            In: Language Contact: An International Handbook
            2019, Mouton de Gruyter, Seiten: 24 - 37,
          31. Prostmeier, Ferdinand
            Was ist vermittelbar? Propädeutische Aspekte der Trilogie des Theophilos von Antiochia ‚An Autolykos‘
            In: Vielfalt zeigen Religion, Konfession und Kultur in Vermittlung.
            2019, Ferdinand Schönigh,
          32. Holdenried, Michaela
            „Praktisch Wüste“. Exotismus – Anti-Exotismus – Pseudo-Exotismus als narrative Momente im Werk von Wolfgang Herrndorf
            In: „Germanistenscheiß". Beiträge zur Werkpolitik Wolfgang Herrndorfs
            2019, Frank & Timme, Seiten: 323 - 339,


          Jahre: 2019
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            1. Stead, Evanghelia
              On Faust Print Culture
              2019 Yale Center for British Art and Lewis Walpole Library seminar
            2. Stead, Evanghelia
              An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Periodicals : Raising Methodological Issues
              2019 University of London, King’s College