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Publikationen Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften 2018

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

Jahre: 2018
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    1. Chua, Lawrence
      A Tale of Two Crematoria. Funeral Architecture and the Politics of Representation in Mid-Twentieth-Century Bangkok
      2018 Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Band: 77, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 319 - 338
    2. Sessarego, Sandro
      Afro-Hispanic linguistics: Current trends in the field
      2018 LINGUA, Band: 202, Nummer: SI, Seiten: 1 - 3
    3. Pereira JV
      Algebraic separatrices for non-dicritical foliations on projective spaces of dimension at least four
      2018 J.V. RACSAM
    4. Krause S, Boeck C, Gumpp AM, Rottler E, Schury K, Karabatsiakis A, Buchheim A, Gündel H, Kolassa IT, Waller C
      Child Maltreatment Is Associated with a Reduction of the Oxytocin Receptor in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
      2018 Front Psychol
    5. González-Martínez, Esther, Bulliard, Corinne
      Collaboration interprofessionnelle jeune infirmière diplômée-assistante sociale: appels téléphoniques de préparation de la sortie de l’hôpital
      2018 Recherche en soins infirmiers, Band: 2, Seiten: 15 - 36
    6. Prins, Stefan, Holzmüller, Anne
      Conversation on Piano Hero #1–4 (2011-2017)
      2018 Nuove Musiche
    7. Müller LE, Bertsch K, Bülau K, Herpertz SC, Buchheim A
      Emotional neglect in childhood shapes social dysfunctioning in adults by influencing the oxytocin and the attachment system: Results from a population-based study
      2018 Int J Psychophysiol
    8. Sessarego, Sandro
      Enhancing dialogue in the field Some remarks on the status of the Spanish creole debate
      2018 JOURNAL OF PIDGIN AND CREOLE LANGUAGES, Band: 33, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 197 - 202
    9. Dulay, Katrina, Cheung, Sum, McBride, Catherine
      Environmental correlates of early language and literacy in low- to middle-income Filipino families
      2018 CONTEMPORARY EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, Band: 53, Seiten: 45 - 56
    10. Gander M, Schiestl C, Dahlbender R, Ronel J, Buchheim A
      Facial Behavior During an Attachment Interview in Patients With Complicated Grief
      2018 J Nerv Ment Dis
    11. Sessarego, Sandro, Rodriguez-Riccelli, Adrian
      Formal issues in Afro-Hispanic morphosyntax: The Afro-Bolivian Spanish case
      2018 LINGUA, Band: 202, Nummer: SI, Seiten: 58 - 75
    12. de Cataldo, MA, Haines TJ, Li L
      Frobenius semisimplicity for convolution morphisms
      2018 Math Z, Band: 289, Nummer: 1-2, Seiten: 119 - 169
    13. Wonga, Natalie, McBride, Catherine
      Fun over conscience: Fun-seeking tendencies in cyberbullying perpetration
      2018 Comput Hum Behav, Band: 86, Seiten: 319 - 329
    14. Knaff, Cassandra, Rao, Rajiv, Sessarego, Sandro
      Future directions in the field: A look at Afro-Hispanic prosody
      2018 LINGUA, Band: 202, Nummer: SI, Seiten: 76 - 86
    15. Zhang, Jingjing, Leoncini, Riccardo, Tsai, Yingyi
      Intellectual property rights protection, labour mobility and wage inequality
      2018 ECONOMIC MODELLING, Band: 70, Seiten: 239 - 244
    16. Holzmüller, Anne
      Konfessioneller Transfer und musikalische Immersion im späten 18. Jahrhundert
      2018 Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch, Band: 102
    17. Buchheim A, Labek K, Taubner S, Kessler H, Pokorny D, Kächele H, Cierpka M, Roth G, Pogarell O, Karch S
      Modulation of Gamma Band Activity and Late Positive Potential in Patients with Chronic Depression after Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
      2018 Psychother Psychosom
    18. Borneman,J. D., Malaia, Evie, Wilbur, R.B.
      Motion characterization using optical flow and fractal complexity
      2018 J Electron Imaging, Band: 27, Nummer: 5
    19. Sessarego, Sandro
      On the importance of legal history to Afro-Hispanic linguistics and creole studies
      2018 LINGUA, Band: 202, Nummer: SI, Seiten: 13 - 23
    20. Bolander, Brook
      Scaling value: transnationalism and the Aga Khan’s English as a “second language” policy
      2018 LANGUAGE POLICY, Band: 17, Nummer: 2, SI, Seiten: 179 - 197
    21. Krebs, Julia, Malaia, Evie, Wilbur, Ronnie, Roehm, Dietmar
      Subject preference emerges as cross-modal strategy for linguistic processing
      2018 BRAIN RESEARCH, Band: 1691, Seiten: 105 - 117
    22. Holzmüller, Anne
      The Politics of Poetry. Piano Hero (2011-2017) by Stefan Prins
      2018 Nuove Musiche
    23. Hanulikova, Adriana
      The effect of perceived ethnicity on spoken text comprehension under clear and adverse listening conditions
      2018 LINGUISTICS VANGUARD, Band: 4, Nummer: 1
    24. Gander M, Diamond D, Buchheim A, Sevecke K
      Use of the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System in the formulation of a case of an adolescent refugee with PTSD
      2018 J Trauma Dissociation
    25. Malaia, Evie, Wilbur RB
      Visual and linguistic components of short-term memory: Generalized Neural Model (GNM) for spoken and sign languages.
      2018 Cortex


    Jahre: 2018
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      1. Bonanno
        1918. Tramonti tedeschi
        Freschi, Marino
      2. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
        Bindungsforschung und Psychodynamische Psychotherapie
        Buchheim A


      Jahre: 2018
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        1. Scheidt CE, Stukenbrock A
          Factual Narratives and the Real in Therapy and Psychoanalysis
          In: Handbook of Factual Narrativity
          2018, de Gruyter, M. Fludernik, L Ryan, M. Fludernik, L Ryan,
        2. Lähnemann, Henrike
          In: Mitteilungen des Deutschen Germanistenverbandes
          2018, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Mark-Georg Dehrmann & Albrecht Hausmann, Mark-Georg Dehrmann & Albrecht Hausmann,

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        Jahre: 2018
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          1. Daneshgar, Majid
            Censored Manuscripts, Censored Intellects Can We Trust the Past?
            , 2018
          2. Burridge, Kate, McBride, Catherine
            Haitch or aitch? How a humble letter was held hostage by historical haughtiness
            , 2018