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Network: “Foundational Concepts of Narratology”

Network: “Foundational Concepts of Narratology”


There can be little doubt that narratology is booming today. What once started as a small area of philological theorizing has now grown into a large and diverse field of interdisciplinary controversy. Given the sheer amount of monographs, edited collections and papers issued every year, talk of a “narratological industry” (Jahn and Nünning) is very apt indeed. Naturally, this situation gave rise to several attempts of mapping the field from both historical and systematic points of view. Our working group “Foundational Concepts of Narratology” contributes to these systematic attempts by offering interconnected explications of some of the most central concepts of narratology. In doing so, we draw on a shared methodology of conceptual explication and an interdisciplinary orientation. The working group was founded in 2010 at the School of Language and Literature(FRIAS) and is now organized in collaboration with the Junior Research Group “Analytische Literaturwissenschaft” at the Courant Research Center “Text Structures”, University of Goettingen. Members of the working group meet on a regular basis and are currently preparing a number of joint publications in English or German.


Dr. Dorothee Birke (FRIAS, Universität Freiburg)
Prof. Dr. Jens Eder (Universität Mainz)
Dr. Theresa Heyd (Universität Freiburg)
Dr. des. Claudia Hillebrandt (Universität Jena)
Prof. Dr. Tom Kindt (Universität Jena)
Dr. Tobias Klauk (CRC „Textstrukturen“, Universität Göttingen)
Prof. Dr. Tilmann Köppe (CRC „Textstrukturen“, Universität Göttingen)
Vincenz Pieper (CRC „Textstrukturen“, Universität Göttingen)
Ruth Reiche (TU Darmstadt)
Julian Schröter (Universität Würzburg)
Jan Stühring (CRC „Textstrukturen“, Universität Göttingen)
PD Dr. Frank Zipfel (Universität Mainz)

Former Members:

Jonas Koch (Universität Bremen)

Activities (amongst others):

Interdisciplinary round table on unreliable narration, April 2010

Special issue Journal of Literary Theory 5/2 (2011) on „Unreliable Narration“ (edited by Kindt/Köppe)

Monograph „Narratology“ (Kindt/Köppe, to appear in 2012)

Monograph „Narrative Selbstrepräsentation“ (Köppe, to appear in 2012)

Interdisciplinary round table on current issues in narratology, September 2011