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Two publications by FRIAS-Alumnus Stefan Rother

Two books which Stefan Rother has worked on during his time as a FRIAS fellow have been published in March 2016.

Stefan Rother is researcher and lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Freiburg, Germany. His research focus is on international migration, global governance, social movements, regional integration and non-/post-Western theories of international relations. During his FRIAS-Fellowship, he was part of the Research Focus “Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia”.
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1) Rother, Stefan (ed.): Migration und Demokratie. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. (peer-reviewed)

Migration und Demokratie: Einführung in das Buch. pp. 1-14.
Demokratisierung und Migration – Ebenen, Akteure, Diffusionskanäle.. 255-282.

The book highlights the manifold connections of migration and democracy. In times of increasing transnational migration, political participation of migrants is an issue on many levels. The chapters in the book deal with questions arising in the interplay between migration and democracy: what are the normative bases for participation of migrants? Do democracies live up to their own values when dealing with migration? Which other forms of participation beyond the right to vote and citizenship are there? Which role could migrants play in democratization processes?

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2) Kessler, Christl/Rother, Stefan: Democratization through Migration? Political Remittances and Participation of Philippine Return Migrants. Lanham: Lexington Books. (peer-reviewed)

The book spearheads a new area of research—the link between migration and democratization. It argues that return migrants can play an important role in the consolidation process of young democracies. Based on original quantitative and qualitative data, it analyzes the political attitudes and experiences of Philippine labor migrants.


The renowned migration researcher James Hollifield says about the book:

“Much has been written about the economic effects of international migration but less is known about its political impact. In this highly original work the authors gauge the relationship between migration and democratization in the Philippines and their findings are original and quite surprising. The relationship is more tenuous and nuanced than we might expect. But the subject is vast and this work marks the beginning of what will become a growth field focused on migration and political development. I highly recommend this book.”

James F. Hollifield, Southern Methodist University

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