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Internal Senior Fellow Ulrich Hofmann erhält Förderung in Höhe von 7.6 Mio € für Forschung an der Blut-Hirn-Schranke

Congratulations to Internal Senior Fellow Ulrich Hofmann and a consortium of researchers at the University Hospital Freiburg for receiving 7.6 Mio. € funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for their project on the blood-brain barrier. Diseases of the brain, such as brain tumours, can often only be treated unsatisfactorily with medication. The structure of the brain vessels allows only certain types of molecules to pass the vessels’ wall. The research group "Functional Magnetotherapy" (FMT) intends to open this blood-brain barrier by minimally warming up brain vessels. “With our completely new approach, we want to select a point in the brain where medication can reach the site of action better and more specifically", says Ulrich Hofmann. At the same time, he stressed the important role which the FRIAS funding of his collaborative project with Strasbourg has played over the last two years in developing this new project.

For more information, please read the German press release.