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Cheng Lu

PhD student with Internal Senior Fellow Hermann Grabert


Cheng Lu received his bachelor degree in physics in 2008 at the Binzhou University (China), and obtained his Master degree at the China University of Petroleum (East China) in 2011 (China). His master was on material science and technology, with focus on the fundamental application of Carbon nano-materials by molecular dynamic simulation. In September 2011 he joined the group of Hermann Grabert as a PhD student.


FRIAS Project

Structural Defects in Carbon-Based Nanostructures


Selected Publications


  1. Cheng Lv, Qingzhong Xue*, Dan Xia, Ming Ma, Jie Xie, Huijuan Chen. Effect of chemisorption on the interfacial bonding characteristics of graphene-polymer composites, J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114, 6588-6594.
  2. Dan Xia, Qingzhong Xue*, Jie Xie, Huijuan Chen, Cheng Lv, Flemming Besenbacher and Mingdong Dong. Fabrication of Carbon Nanoscrolls from Monolayer Graphene. Small 2010, 6, 2010-2019.