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International Workshop on Non-equilibrium processes and fluctuation-dissipation theorems

Wann 09.09.2012 um 15:00 bis
16.09.2012 um 15:00
Wo Anacapri, Isola di Capri, Italia
Kontakttelefon +49-(0)761-203-97445
Teilnehmer Registration required
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International Capri Fall Workshop on Non-equilibrium processes & fluctuation-dissipation theorems

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) and the University of Naples "Federico II" organize an international workshop from September 9-16, 2012 on Non-equilibrium processes & fluctuation-dissipation theorems.

The workshop venue is Villa Orlandi located in Anacapri on the Capri Island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different communities to discuss the state of the art of fluctuation-dissipation theorems and their applications in various fields of the natural sciences. The workshop includes several keynote lectures given by invited leading experts in the different fields. Most of the participants will be able to present their research by giving a contributed talk.

The number of participants will be limited to 45 including the keynote lecturers. To participate, please apply before May 20, 2012 via the workshop website (see link below).


Invited speakers include:

  • Michele Campisi (Augsburg)
  • Sergio Ciliberto (Lyon)
  • Mark Dykman (East Lansing)
  • Massimiliano Esposito (Luxembourg)
  • Pierre Gaspard (Brussels)
  • Haye Hinrichsen (Würzburg)
  • Alberto Imparato (Aarhus)
  • Jorge Kurchan (Paris)
  • Carlos Mejía-Monasterio (Madrid)
  • Shaul Mukamel (Irvine)
  • Yuli Nazarov (Delft)
  • Shin-ichi Sasa (Tokyo)
  • Udo Seifert (Stuttgart)

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