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Gerald A. Urban: "Bioanalytical Micro- and Nanosystems for Life Science Applications"

Wann 26.10.2009
von 11:15 bis 12:15
Wo FRIAS Hörsaal, Alberstraße 19
Kontakttelefon +49 (761) 203 97418
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Professor Gerald A. Urban
Senior Fellow of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies


Bioanalytical Micro- and Nanosystems for Life Science Applications

To get a comprehensive insight into dynamic biological metabolic events which is the topic of life science micro- and nanoanalytical tools will be an indispensable tool which are complementary to imaging methods. To achieve this goal functionalized biosensor-microsystems with nanoscale-modified catalytic sensors and nanophase-separated polymers are applied. Enzymes are incorporated into such polymers to get high selective and sensitive bio- and chemosensors which can be implemented into a microfluidic. To maintain biocompatible surfaces a new magnetron-assisted plasmapolymerisation method is used to get inert and biocompatible surfaces and also to exhibit tailored metabolite transport properties.