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You are here: FRIAS Fellows Fellows 2021/22 Prof. Dr. Frédéric Bruno Campana

Prof. Dr. Frédéric Bruno Campana

Université de Lorraine
Complex and Algebraic Geometry
External Senior Fellow
April - May 2015


F. Campana is professor at the university of Nancy (now university of Lorraine). He was `eleve de l'ecole normale superieure (Ulm)', and then got in 1980 his `these d' Etat' under the supervision of Daniel Barlet. He is since 2011 member of the '`Institut Universitaire de France'. He was awarded prizes from the French `Académie des Sciences' in 1995 and 2008.


Selected Publications

  • Coréduction algébrique d'un espace analytique k\"ahlérien compact. Inv. Math. 63 (1981), 187-223.
  • Connexit\'e rationnelle des variétés de Fano. Ann. Sc. E.N.S. 25 (1992), 539-545.
  • Remarques sur le rev\^etement universel des variétés k\" ahlériennes compactes. Bull. S.M.F 122 (1994), 255-284.
  • Fundamental group and positivity of cotangent bundles of compact K\"ahler manifolds. J. Alg. Geom. 4 (1995), 487-502.
  • Special Manifolds, orbifolds and classification theory. Ann. Inst. Fourier vol. 54 (2004), 499-665.


FRIAS Research Project

Special Orbifolds and the birational classification of algebraic varieties

Algebraic geometry is the study of sets defined by polynomial equations. The past three decades have seen major breakthroughs in our understanding of algebraic varieties of arbitrary dimensions in all their analytic, arithmetic, dynamical and algebraic aspects. The class of "special orbifolds", introduced by F. Campana, has proven to be of fundamental importance for these fields. The project aims to study special varieties from the viewpoint of higher-dimensional complex geometry, and to apply this notion to classification problems there.