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FRIAS Junior Researcher Conference - Quantum Control of Complex Systems

Wann 28.09.2022 um 14:00 bis
30.09.2022 um 18:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum
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Quantum Control of Complex Systems 

Many applications of quantum mechanics require the ability to prepare a system in an initial state and subsequently control its evolution to a desired final state. Classical light fields have proven a versatile tool for such a targeted manipulation of complex systems. In this conference, we would like to bring together experts from the numerous fields related to quantum control to discuss whether the quantum nature of light can be exploited to extend the horizon of quantum control.

These fields include 

-              quantum chemistry, 

-              coherent control,

-              quantum information theory,

-              cavity quantum electrodynamics.

The conference is organized by the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) at the University of Freiburg. It is an event accessible to everyone. To ease our planning, please get in touch with us in case you intend to join (parts of) the event. Only if needed: The entire meeting will be an in-person event, in accordance with the 3G regulations (participants will need to provide evidence that they are either tested for, vaccinated against or recovered from COVID-19). 

Invited speakers

  • David Busto

  • Katrin Dulitz/Erath

  • Thomas Ebbesen

  • Daniele Fausti 

  • Johannes Feist 

  • Stefanie Gräfe 

  • Markus Kowalewski 

  • Fabrice Laussy 

  • Dominik Lentrodt 

  • Michael Lubasch 

  • Helmut Ritsch 

  • Carlos Sánchez 

  • Christian Schäfer

  • Tobias Schätz

  • Frank Schlawin 

  • Norbert Schuch 

Abstract booklet

please download here.

Program & Poster

The conference will feature plenary talks by invited speakers and enough time for discussions between the sessions. We plan to do a hike on Wed 28th of Sept and a conference dinner on the next day. A preliminary program can be downloaded here

Poster download here.

Conference venue

FRIAS, Albertstr. 19,  79104 Freiburg

Conference contact information

Organizing committee