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Preliminary Program

Preliminary program:


Friday, 22nd November 2013

Block I: Achieving the Goals of Linguistic Documentation: Past, Present and Future

  • Peter Austin (London):
    "Theory and practice of language documentation – from the 20th to the 21st century"
  • Ola Wennstedt (Umeå):
    "Moving traditional archives into the digital age"

Block II: Technical Interfaces to Documentary Linguistics

  • Trond Trosterud (Tromsø):
    "Computational and documentary linguistics for endangered languages"
  • Sabine Stoll (Zurich):
    "Annotating and analyzing a longitudinal corpus to study the acquisition of an endangered language"
  • Daniel Alcón (Freiburg):
    "Corpus access to primary linguistic data"

Workshop Dinner

Saturday, 23rd November 2013

Block III: Applying Language Documentation in Linguistics and other Disciplines

  • Florian Stammler (Rovaniemi):
    "Documenting oral history of the Soviet Arctic coastal inhabitants: how anthropologists embed life histories as oral texts in wider field contexts"
  • Johanna Domokos (Bielefeld):
    "Investigating literacy genres of orally transmitted indigenous languages"
  • Alexandra Lavrillier (Versailles):
    "Language documentation and applied anthropological research: experience from Evenk nomadic schools"

Block IV: Optimizing language documentation corpora

  • Christian Mair (Freiburg):
    "Development of digital infrastructures and language documentation: Perspectives in CLARIN-D"
  • Rolf Kailuweit (Freiburg):
  • David Nathan (London):
    "Archiving 2.0 and social media"

Final discussion