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23. Hermann Staudinger Lecture: "Nitride-Based Future Electronics for Establishing a Sustainable Society"

Nobelpreisträger Hiroshi Amano (Nagoya University), 16.03.2017

The younger generation can enjoy full-color portable games because of the emergence of GaN-based blue LEDs. In combination with phosphors, they can act as  white light source and are used in general lighting. AlGaN-based deep-UV LEDs are effective for sterilization and purification of water. Microwave amplifiers employing GaAs-based HFETs are being replaced with those employing GaN-based HFETs because of their capability of higher-power operation. By replacing Si-based power devices, the average efficiency of inverters or converters can be improved from 95% to more than 99%. The current status of our understanding of nitride semiconductors will be discussed.