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Prof. Dr. Günther Schulze

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Wissenschaftlicher Direktor Sozialwissenschaften

Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
Albertstr. 19
79104 Freiburg im Breisgau

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Günther Schulze is Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economic Research at the University of Freiburg and Adjunct Professor at the Arndt-Cordon Department of Economics at the Australian National University. From October 2014 - September 2015 he was Internal Senior Fellow at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies. He studied in Hamburg, Konstanz and Stanford, and received his PhD from the University of Konstanz with a dissertation “The Political Economy of Capital Controls” (Cambridge University Press 2000). His Habilitation was on various topics in international economics. His research interests include political economics, development economics, and the economic analysis of conflict and terrorism. His regional focus is mostly on Southeast Asia, Indonesia in particular. The effect of Indonesian decentralization on public service delivery and on governance quality have been a topic of specific interest for him and his team in the recent past.


Publikationen (Auswahl)

  • Krisztina Kis-Katos, Helge Liebert and Günther G. Schulze (2014) On the Heterogeneity of Terror, European Economic Review, 68: 116-136.
  • Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir, Krisztina Kis-Katos and Günther G. Schulze (2014) Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politics, World Development, 59: 166–183.
  • Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir, Krisztina Kis-Katos and Günther G. Schulze (2013) Political Budget Cycles in Indonesia at the District Level, Economics Letters, Vol. 120(2): 342-345.
  • Krisztina Kis-Katos and Günther G. Schulze (2013) Corruption in Southeast Asia - A survey of recent research, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, 27(1): 79-109.
  • Krisztina Kis–Katos and Günther G. Schulze (2011) Child Labor in Indonesian Small Industries, Journal of Development Studies, 47(12): 1887–1908.


Foto: Thomas Kunz/Universität Freiburg