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Vortragszyklus: John Myhill

Wann 02.02.2009 um 18:15 bis
05.02.2009 um 12:00
Wo Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
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Vortragszyklus im Rahmen des Master-Programms European Linguistics

Prof. Dr. John Myhill (Haifa)
Language, Religion and National Identity in Europe*

Lecture 1 — Introduction    Mon 18-20
General program
Ways of categorizing types of national identity and relevant terminology
Correlating the way in which a national identity is constructed with   
whether this results in conflict

Lectures 2-3 — Ausbausprachen    Tue 10-12, 18-20
Written languages in Catholic/Western Europe before the 17th century
Premodern written languages of Orthodox/Eastern Europe
The development of small Ausbausprachen and states based upon them

Lecture 4 — Dachsprachen    Wed 10-12
Overview of nationalities based upon Dachsprachen
The construction of German nationality
Dachsprache nationality and the development of international alliances    
leading up to the First World War
The reconstruction of German and Turkish identity

Lecture 5 — Language and religion I    Wed 14-16
What is a premodern national church?
Catholics and Protestants
Catholics and Orthodox
Muslims and Christians

Lecture 6 — Language and religion II: The Holocaust    Wed 18-20
Judaism as a national church
Why German anti-Semitism was unique
German liberals and the Jews
The racial component of German identity and the Jews
The defeat in the First World War and the Dolchstosslegende
The decision to exterminate the Jews in December 1941

Lecture 7 — Conclusion    Thu 10-12
The English-speaking global empire
Directions for future research

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