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Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

Jahre: 2011
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    1. J. Karschau, C. de Almeida, S. Miller, C. Grebogi, A.P.S. de Moura
      A Matter of Life or Death: Modeling DNA Damage and Repair in Bacteria
      2011 Biophys J, Band: 100, Nummer: 4, Seiten: 814 - 821
    2. # K. Csorba, S. Schmidt, F. Florea, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, W. Nishie, C. Sitaru
      A novel ELISA for the sensitive and specific detection of IgA auto antibodies against the ectodomain of collagen XVII/BP180
      2011 Exp Dermatol, Band: 20, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 188 - 188
    3. S. Song, C. Chew, B.M. Dale, D. Traum, J. Peacock, T. Yamazaki, R. Clynes, T. Kurosaki*, S. Greenberg
      A requirement for the p85 PI3K adapter protein BCAP in the protection of macrophages from apoptosis induced by endoplasmic reticulum stress.
      2011 J Immunol, Band: 187, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 619 - 625
    4. A. Schad, J. Timmer, M. Roth
      A unified approach to the helioseismic inversion problem of the solar meridional flow from global oscillations
      2011 Astrophys J, Band: 734, Nummer: 97
    5. # Q. Li, M. Frank, E. Sprecher, J. Uitto
      Abca12-mediated lipid transport and Snap29-dependent trafficking of lamellar granules are critical for epidermal morphogenesis
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Seiten: S58 - S58
    6. R. Yang, L. Huang, Y.C. Lai, C. Grebogi
      Abnormal electron paths induced by Klein tunneling in graphene quantum point contacts
      2011 Phys Rev B, Band: 84, Nummer: 3, Seite: 035426
    7. A. Raue, C. Kreutz, T. Maiwald, U. Klingmuller, J. Timmer
      Addressing parameter identifiability by model-based experimentation
      2011 Iet Syst Biol, Band: 5, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 120 - 130
    8. # Q. Jiang, Q. Li, L.J. Schurgers, J. Uitto
      Administration of vitamin K does not counteract the ectopic mineralization of connective tissues in Abcc6(-/-) mice, a model for pseudoxanthoma elasticum
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Seiten: S89 - S89
    9. A. Doucet, C.M. Overall*
      Amino-Terminal Oriented Mass Spectrometry of Substrates (ATOMS) N-Terminal Sequencing of Proteins and Proteolytic Cleavage Sites by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry.
      2011 Method Enzymol, Band: 501, Seiten: 275 - 293
    10. R.F. Murphy
      An active role for machine learning in drug development
      2011 Nat Chem Biol, Band: 7, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 327 - 330
    11. Q. Li, S. Sadowski, J. Uitto
      Angioid Streaks in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: Role of the p.R1268Q Mutation in the ABCC6 Gene
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 782 - 785
    12. H. Feldwisch-Drentrup, M. Ihle, M. L. V. Quyen, C. Teixeira, A. Dourado, J. Timmer, F. Sales, V. Navarro, A. Schulze-Bonhage, B. Schelter
      Anticipating the unobserved: Prediction of subclinical seizures.
      2011 Epilepsy Behav, Band: 22 Suppl 1, Seiten: S119 - S126
    13. J. Qi, T. Michoel*, G. Butler
      Applying Linear Models to Learn Regulation Prgrams in Transcription Regulatory Module Network
      2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Band: 6623, Seiten: 37 - 47
    14. T. Maiwald, J. Blumberg, J. Timmer, A. Schulze-Bonhage
      Are prodromes preictal events? A prospective PDA-based study
      2011 Epilepsy Behav, Band: 21, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 184 - 188
    15. A. Shariff, R.F. Murphy, G.K. Rohde
      Automated Estimation of Microtubule Model Parameters from 3-D Live Cell Microscopy Images
      2011 Proc IEEE Int Symp Biomed Imaging, Band: 2011, Nummer: March 30 2011-April 2 2011, Seiten: 1330 - 1333
    16. M. Kitano, S. Moriyama, Y. Ando, M. Hikida, Y. Mori*, T. Kurosaki*, T. Okada
      Bcl6 protein expression shapes pre-germinal center B cell dynamics and follicular helper T cell heterogeneity.
      2011 Immunity, Band: 34, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 961 - 972
    17. T.O. Lankisch, J. Metzger, J. Siwy, T.J.Weismuller, A.S. Schneider, K. Thedieck, R. Baumeister, J. Wedemeyer
      Bile Proteomic Profiles Differentiate Cholangiocarcinoma from Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Choledocholithiasis
      2011 Hepatology, Band: 53, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 875 - 884
    18. # O. Jiang, S. Takahagi, B. Reutemann, A. Donahue, J. Uitto
      Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells: Regenerative medicine for pseudoxanthoma elasticum
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Seiten: S138 - S138
    19. A. Doucet, C.M. Overall*
      Broad Coverage Identification of Multiple Proteolytic Cleavage Site Sequences in Complex High Molecular Weight Proteins Using Quantitative Proteomics as a Complement to Edman Sequencing
      2011 Mol Cell Proteomics, Band: 10, Nummer: 5, Seite: 10.1074/mc
    20. K. Kometani, T. Yamada, Y. Sasaki, T. Yokosuka, T. Saito, K. Rajewsky, M. Ishiai, M. Hikida, T. Kurosaki*
      CIN85 drives B cell responses by linking BCR signals to the canonical NF-{kappa}B pathway.
      2011 J Exp Med, Band: 208, Nummer: 7, Seiten: 1447 - 1457
    21. Dauth S, Sirbulescu RF, Jordans S, Rehders M, Avena L, Oswald J, Lerchl A, Saftig P, Brix K
      Cathepsin K deficiency in mice induces structural and metabolic changes in the central nervous system that are associated with learning and memory deficits.
      2011 Bmc Neurosci, Band: 12, Seiten: 74 - 74
    22. Cattaruzza F, Lyo V, Jones E, Pham D, Hawkins J, Kirkwood K, Valdez-Morales E, Ibeakanma C, Vanner SJ, Bogyo M, Bunnett NW
      Cathepsin S is activated during colitis and causes visceral hyperalgesia by a
      2011 Gastroenterology, Band: 141, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 1864 - 74.e1
    23. R.F. Murphy
      CellOrganizer: Image-derived Models of Subcellular Organization and Protein Distribution.
      2011 Method Cell Biol, Band: 79, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 383 - 391
    24. L.A. Huang, Y.C. Lai, C. Grebogi
      Characteristics of level-spacing statistics in chaotic graphene billiards
      2011 Chaos, Band: 21, Nummer: 1, Seite: 013102
    25. O. Schilling, P.F. Huesgen, O. Barre, U.A.D. Keller, C.M. Overall*
      Characterization of the prime and non-prime active site specificities of proteases by proteome-derived peptide libraries and tandem mass spectrometry
      2011 Nat Protoc, Band: 6, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 111 - 120
    26. K. Guseva, M. Thiel, I. Booth, S. Miller, C. Grebogi, A. de Moura
      Collective response of self-organized clusters of mechanosensitive channels.
      2011 Phys Rev E, Band: 83, Nummer: 2 Pt 1, Seiten: 020901 - 020901
    27. M. Zarei, A. Sprenger, F. Metzger, C. Gretzmeier, J. Dengjel
      Comparison of ERLIC-TiO2, HILIC-TiO2 and SCX-TiO2 for global phosphoproteomics approaches
      2011 J Proteome Res, Band: 10, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 3474 - 3483
    28. T.L. Tay, O. Ronneberger, S. Ryu, R. Nitschke, W. Driever
      Comprehensive catecholaminergic projectome analysis reveals single-neuron integration of zebrafish ascending and descending dopaminergic systems
      2011 Nat Commun, Band: 2, Seite: 171
    29. M. Warncke, M. Buchner, J. Timmer, H. Veelken
      Control of the specificity of T cell-mediated anti-idiotype immunity by natural regulatory T cells
      2011 Cancer Immunol Immun, Band: 60, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 49 - 60
    30. P. Audenaert, T. Van Parys, F. Brondel, P. Demeester, T. Michoel*
      CyClus3D: a Cytoscape plugin for clustering network motifs in integrated networks
      2011 Bioinformatics, Band: 27, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 1587 - 1588
    31. P. Christopoulos, D. Pfeifer, K. Bartholome, M. Follo, J. Timmer, H. Veelken
      Definition and characterization of the systemic T-cell dysregulation in untreated indolent B-cell lymphoma and very early CLL
      2011 Blood, Band: 117, Nummer: 14, Seiten: 3836 - 3846
    32. G. Di Zenzo, S. Thoma-Uszynski, V. Calabresi, L. Fontao, S.C. Hofmann, J.P. Lacour, F. Sera, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, G. Zambruno, L. Borradori, M. Hertl
      Demonstration of epitope-spreading phenomena in bullous pemphigoid: results of a prospective multicenter study
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 2271 - 2280
    33. A.C. Eitelhuber, S. Warth, T. Kurosaki*, V. Heissmeyer, D. Krappmann
      Dephosphorylation of Carma1 by PP2A negatively regulates T-cell activation
      2011 Embo J, Band: 30, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 594 - 605
    34. # D. Kiritsi, A. Schwieger-Briel, H. Schumann, C. Has, L. Bruckner-Tuderman
      Diagnosis of "Genodermatosis" until the Age - is this possible?
      2011 J Dtsch Dermatol Ges, Band: 9, Seiten: 119 - 120
    35. K.L. Lambertsen, T. Deierborg, R. Gregersen, H.H. Nielsen, F.F. Johansen, F. Flemming, B. Finsen*
      Differences in Origin of Reactive Microglia in Bone Marrow Chimeric Mouse and Rat After Transient Global Ischemia
      2011 J Neuropath Exp Neur, Band: 70, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 481 - 494
    36. T.H. Lin, R.F. Murphy, Z. Bar-Joseph
      Discriminative Motif Finding for Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization
      2011 Ieee Acm T Comput Bi, Band: 8, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 441 - 451
    37. D. Neess, M. Bloksgaard, S. Bek, B. Finsen*, S. Mandrup
      Disruption of the Acyl-CoA-binding Protein Gene Delays Hepatic Adaptation to Metabolic Changes at Weaning
      2011 J Biol Chem, Band: 286, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 3460 - 3472
    38. J. Bachmann, A. Raue, M. Schilling, H. Busch, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller
      Division of Labor by Dual Feedback Regulators Controls JAK2/STAT5 Signaling over Broad Ligand Range
      2011 Mol Syst Biol, Band: 7, Seite: 516
    39. V. Raia, A. Raue, J. Timmer, U. Klingmuller
      Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of IL13-Induced Signaling in Hodgkin and Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma Allows Prediction of Therapeutic Targets
      2011 Cancer Res, Band: 71, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 693 - 704
    40. W. Nishie, D. Kiritsi, A. Nyström, S.C. Hofmann, L. Bruckner-Tuderman
      Dynamic interactions of epidermal collagen XVII with the extracellular matrix: laminin 332 as a major binding partner
      2011 Am J Pathol, Band: 179, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 829 - 837
    41. T. Yasuda, K. Kometani, N. Takahashi, Y. Imai, T. Kurosaki*
      ERKs Induce Expression of the Transcriptional Repressor Blimp-1 and Subsequent Plasma Cell Differentiation
      2011 Sci Signal, Band: 4, Nummer: 169, Seite: ra25
    42. M.N. Shuaibu, M.S. Cherif, T. Kurosaki*, G.K. Helegbe, K. Hirayama
      Effect of nanoparticle coating on the immunogenicity of plasmid DNA vaccine encoding P. yoelii MSP-1 C-terminal
      2011 Vaccine, Band: 29, Nummer: 17, Seiten: 3239 - 3247
    43. M. El-Domyati, T.S. El-Ammawi, M.G. Mahoney, J. Uitto
      Effects of the Nd:YAG 1320-nm laser on skin rejuvenation: Clinical and histological correlations
      2011 J Cosmet Laser Ther, Band: 13, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 98 - 106
    44. J. Speck, K.M. Arndt*, K.M. Muller
      Efficient phage display of intracellularly folded proteins mediated by the TAT pathway
      2011 Protein Eng Des Sel, Band: 24, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 473 - 484
    45. # Q. Li Q, A. Donahue, H. Choi, J. Uitto
      Elastin is essential for vascular development - A zebrafish model
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Seiten: S139 - S139
    46. T. Michoel*, A. Joshi, B. Nachtergaele, Y. Van de Peer
      Enrichment and aggregation of topological motifs are independent organizational principles of integrated interaction networks.
      2011 Mol Biosyst, Band: 7, Nummer: 10, Seiten: 2769 - 2778
    47. J. Nylandsted, A.C. Becker, J. Bunkenborg, J.S. Andersen, J. Dengjel, M. Jäättelä
      ErbB2-associated changes in the lysosomal proteome.
      2011 Proteomics, Band: 11, Nummer: 14, Seiten: 2830 - 2838
    48. Q.L. Li, J. Uitto
      Expression of the Abca-subfamily of genes in Abcc6(-/-) mice - upregulation of Abca4
      2011 Exp Dermatol, Band: 20, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 452 - 454
    49. # T. Lazic, J. Uitto, L.D. Zhou, M. Frank, Q.L. Li
      Extending the phenotypic spectrum of keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome: Report of a patient with GJB2 (g12R) connexin 26 mutation and unusual clinical findings
      2011 J Am Acad Dermatol, Band: 64, Nummer: 2, Seiten: AB84 - AB84
    50. C. Boonla, K. Krieglstein*, S. Bovornpadungkitti, F. Strutz, B. Spittau, C. Predanon C, P. Tosukhowong
      Fibrosis and evidence for epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the kidneys of patients with staghorn calculi.
      2011 Bju Int, Band: 108, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 1336 - 1345
    51. D. Hershkovitz, Y. Gross, O. Sarig, J. Uitto, E. Sprecher
      Functional Characterization of SAMD9, a Protein Deficient in Normophosphatemic Familial Tumoral Calcinosis
      2011 J Invest Dermatol, Band: 131, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 662 - 669
    52. N. Wanner, F. Noutsou, R. Baumeister, G. Walz, T.B. Huber, E. Neumann-Haefelin
      Functional and spatial analysis of C. elegans SYG-1 and SYG-2, orthologs of the Neph/nephrin cell adhesion module directing selective synaptogenesis.
      2011 Plos One, Band: 6, Nummer: 8, Seiten: e23598 - e23598
    53. V. Alexeev, J. Uitto, O. Igoucheva
      Gene expression signatures of mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in the cutaneous environment and therapeutic implications for blistering skin disorder
      2011 Cytotherapy, Band: 13, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 30 - 45
    54. # J. Jackw, C. Sitaru, K. Tasanen, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, C.W. Franzke
      Human and mouse collagen XVII show differences in shedding behavior
      2011 Exp Dermatol, Band: 20, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 206 - 206
    55. M. Ndhlovu, P. Preuss, J. Dengjel, S.M. Weiner, R. Klein
      Identification of alpha-tubulin as an autoantigen recognized by sera from patients with neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus
      2011 Brain Behav Immun, Band: 25, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 279 - 285
    56. H. Feldwisch-Drentrup, M. Staniek, A. Schulze-Bonhage, J. Timmer, H. Dickten, C.E. Elger, B. Schelter, K. Lehnertz
      Identification of preseizure States in epilepsy: a data-driven approach for multichannel EEG recordings
      2011 Front Comput Neurosc, Band: 5, Seite: 32
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      Image-derived, Three-dimensional Generative Models of Cellular Organization
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      Impact of Ca(2+) signaling on B cell function.
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      2011 Brief Bioinform
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      Integrative mRNA profiling comparing cultured primary cells with clinical samples reveals PLK1 and C20orf20 as therapeutic targets in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.
      2011 Oncogene, Band: 30, Nummer: 46, Seiten: 4666 - 4677
    64. M. El-Domyati, T.S. El-Ammawi, O. Moawad, W. Medhat, M.G. Mahoney, J. Uitto
      Intense pulsed light photorejuvenation: a histological and immunohistochemical evaluation.
      2011 J Drugs Dermatol, Band: 10, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 1246 - 1252
    65. M. Lenz, M. Musso, Y. Linke, O. Tüscher, J. Timmer, C. Weiller, B. Schelter
      Joint EEG/fMRI state space model for the detection of directed interactions in human brains-a simulation study
      2011 Physiol Meas, Band: 32, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 1725 - 1736
    66. C. Has, D. Castiglia, M. Del Rio, M. Garcia Diez, E. Piccinni, D. Kiritsi, J. Kohlhase, P. Itin, L. Martin, J. Fischer, G. Zambruno, L. Bruckner-Tuderman
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      2011 Hum Mutat, Band: 32, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 1204 - 1212
    67. Y. He, P. Esser, A. Heinemann, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, C. Has
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      2011 Am J Pathol, Band: 178, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 975 - 982
    68. B. Spittau, K. Krieglstein*
      Klf10 and Klf11 as mediators of TGF-beta superfamily signaling.
      2011 Cell Tissue Res, Band: 347, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 65 - 72
    69. M. Pigors, D. Kiritsi, S. Krumpelmann, I. Hausser, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, C. Has
      Lack of plakoglobin leads to lethal congenital epidermolysis bullosa: a novel clinico-genetic entity
      2011 Hum Mol Genet, Band: 20, Nummer: 9, Seiten: 1811 - 1819
    70. A.J. Kunwar, M. Rickmann, B. Backofen, S.M. Browski, K. Krieglstein*, G.F. von Mollard
      Lack of the endosomal SNAREs vti1a and vti1b led to significant impairments in neuronal development
      2011 P Natl Acad Sci Usa, Band: 108, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 2575 - 2580
    71. L.Y. Chiang, K. Poole, B.E. Oliveira, N. Duarte, Y.A. Sierra, L. Bruckner-Tuderman, M. Koch, J. Hu, G.R. Lewin
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      2011 Nat Neurosci, Band: 14, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 993 - 1000
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      Learning Cellular Sorting Pathways Using Protein Interactions and Sequence Motifs
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