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Call for Application: Junior Fellowships 2014


Das Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) ist das internationale Forschungskolleg der Universität Freiburg. Im kommenden Akademischen Jahr 2014/15 fördert das FRIAS zwei Schwerpunktthemen:


  • Dynamic alignments and dealignments in global Southeast Asia
  • Designed quantum transport in complex materials


Im Kontext dieser Schwerpunkte verfolgen Fellows ihr jeweils eigenes Forschungsvorhaben. Für herausragende Bewerberinnen und Bewerber aus dem In- und Ausland mit Promotion und ein bis sechs Jahren zusätzlicher wissenschaftlicher Tätigkeit schreibt FRIAS bis zu acht


Junior Fellowships


(Start: 1.9.2014, Laufzeit 12 Monate, Beschäftigung gem. E13 TV-L, Bewerbungsfrist: 10. Januar 2014) aus.


Call for Application (English version)



Additional information regarding the Research Foci:

a) “Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia”

Dynamic Alignments and Dealignments in Global Southeast Asia” examines how global flows and challenges impact on the actors, patterns and processes that drive social and institutional alignments and dealignments in a strategically important, economically vibrant and politically volatile region. It explores at different organizational levels – international, national, local – and from an interdisciplinary perspective how cultures of cooperation are negotiated and by which encounters and narratives changing alignments between nations as well as diverse ethnic, economic, religious, political and professional groups are framed. The Research Focus has been constituted by Sociocultural Anthropology, Political Science, Economics and East Asian History. Proposals on topics such as “Democratizing Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia,” “Negotiating Academic Cultures: International Cooperation in the Social Sciences,” “Environmental Cooperation between Singapore and China,” and “Cooperation and Conflict at the Subnational Level” are welcome, but any proposal otherwise fitting the umbrella theme is eligible.

b) “Designed quantum transport in complex materials”

The proposed Research Focus will foster interdisciplinary research on the quantum design principles for efficient, scalable, affordable and sustainable lightenergy conversion. We will gather leading expertise on quantum transport processes which determine light-energy conversion efficiencies in nature- and man-made, highly structured materials - from photosynthetic complexes to photovoltaic and lighting technologies. We will induce strong synergies between quantum research in physics, chemistry, material sciences at ALU, and technology-driven research at our Fraunhofer Institutes. On the educational side, this will be complemented by the development of an innovative, M.Sc.-level Interdisciplinary Quantum Science curriculum accessible for students of all here involved academic disciplines.



You are eligible for a Junior Fellowship if you hold a Doctorate and have between one to six years of postdoctoral experience.


Different channels for application

There are two channels for application for a Junior Fellowship depending on your main place of work and residence. Please read carefully the following information:

Channel 1: Applying from Abroad

FRIAS has received EU-cofinancing for Junior Fellowships (within the FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme – FCFP). However, EU-funding through the FCFP-call is only available for applicants fulfilling the EU-mobility rule: Requirement of having worked and lived outside Germany at least 24 out of the last 36 months at the time of the deadline of this call (Jan. 10 2014).


Channel 2: Applying from Germany

Applicants, that do not fulfil this requirement, namely, people having - at the time of the application deadline (10 Jan 2014) - worked and lived in Germany for more than 12 months within the last 36 months can apply for fellowships that are fully funded by FRIAS.



Important notice:

Channel 1 (“Applying from abroad” / channel 1) is identical with the above mentioned FCFP Call call which allows for applications from all fields of research. Applications may or may not be in connection with the FRIAS Research Foci.

However, applications from candidates for channel 2 (“Applying from Germany”) can only apply, if their research topic is in connection with the two FRIAS Research Foci. We regret, that due to funding constraints, Junior Fellowships outside the FRIAS Research Foci are not available for the Academic Year 2014/15.

We understand that there may be individual questions concerning the mobility rule and which channel to choose. In such case, please contact:

Please ensure that you submit one application only.

The application and selection procedures for both groups are identical. There are no advantages or disadvantages for either group of applicants.