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Publications 2009


Scientific Journals:

  1. E.M. Jounaux, B.B. Timm, K.M. Arndt, T.E. Exner: Improving the Interaction of Myc-Interfering Peptides with Myc Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations. J Pept Sci, 2009; 15 (1): 5-15.
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Scientific Staff

  1. A.L. Angelova, M. Aprahamian, S.P. Grekova, A. Hajri, B. Leuchs, N.A. Giese, C. Dinsart, A. Herrmann, J. Rommelaere, Z. Raykov: Improvement of Gemcitabine-Based Therapy of Pancreatic Carcinoma by Means of Oncolytic Parvovirus H-1PV. Clin Cancer Res, 2009; 15: 511-519.
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