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Research Areas 2017/18

FRIAS is a place of lively interaction, research and international networks. These pages provide an overview of the topic areas that are being researched at FRIAS in 2017/18.

Mathematics and Geometry

Research focus “Cohomology in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory” and research in the field of mathematics and geometry

Chemistry and Material Science

Research projects in the field of experimental and theoretical chemistry and material science


Research groups and projects in the field of theoretical and experimental physics

Biology, Microbiology and Immunology

Research groups and projects from microbiology, computational biology and the joint research group Freiburg-Strasbourg “MapRNA”

Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience

Research projects in medicine, psychology, psychiatry, global health and neuroscience

History and History of Science

Research projects in the field of history, history of architecture, history of science and science and technology studies

Law, Economic and Political Science

Research projects at the interface of economics, political sciences, law studies and social sciences

Migration Studies

Project Group "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Environmental Conflict and Related Migration" and other research projects on flight and migration

Cultural, Literary and Religious Studies

Research projects in literary and cultural studies and the Junior Researcher Group on "Global Transformation of Catholicism"


Research projects in the field of philosophy


Research projects on the description, acquisition, processing and development of language in the past and present