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Research Area "Chemical Epigenetics"

FRIAS Research Focus "Chemical Epigenetics"

Prof. Dr. Manfred Jung (University of Freiburg); Prof. Dr. Oliver Einsle (University of Freiburg); Prof. Dr. Stefan Günther (University of Freiburg); Prof. Dr. Bernhard Breit (University of Freiburg); Prof. Dr. A. Ganesan (University of East Anglia); Prof. Dr. Udo Oppermann (University of Oxford)

EpigeneticsEpigenetics is one of the major topics of modern biomedical research and is already a major focus in the Freiburg research landscape with international visibility. The Research Focus deals with epigenetic mechanisms on a
molecular level using our combined expertise in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, structural biochemistry and bioinformatics to address this topic in a highly synergistic manner. The main scientific focus of our project will be acetyl and methyl lysine binding proteins, so called histone code readers. Structural analyses provide the basis for identification and optimization of new chemical ligands for these proteins in a rational, bioguided fashion. This will lead to new chemical tools that will allow dissecting cellular pathways involving these proteins as well as the analysis of their suitability as targets in drug discovery. The structural aim of this project is the preparation of a proposal for an International Research Training Group. Thus, both scientifically and structurally we will further foster the status of Freiburg as major site for epigenetic research.