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Research Areas 2016/17

FRIAS is a place of lively interaction, research and international networks. These pages provide an overview of the topic areas that are being researched at FRIAS in 2016/17.

Chemical Epigenetics

Research Focus on "Chemical Epigenetics" and other research projects in the field of epigenetics

Experimental Natural Sciences and Engineering

Research groups and projects from the fields of experimental chemistry, engineering, microbiology and astronomy

Theoretical Natural Sciences

Research projects in the fields of quantum physics, behavioural ecology and theoretical chemistry

Migration Studies and Social Sciences

Project group "Tracing Narratives of Flight and Migration" and other research projects on flight and migration

Economics, Law and Politics

Projects on globalisation, migration, constitutionalism etc. at the interface of economics, political sciences, law studies and social sciences


Research projects in the fields of Early Modern History, Recent and Modern History and Ancient History

Medieval Studies

Project group "Conceptions of Medieval Thought" and other projects on language, scripture and narratives in the Middle Ages

Cultural and Literary Studies

Research projects from the fields of literary, cultural and film studies


Project group "Language Dynamics across the Life Span" as well as research projects on the function of language in the past and present

Religious Studies

Junior Researcher Group on global transformation of Catholicism as well as projects on (political) Islam and contemporary exegesis of the Qur'an

Regional Studies

Research projects on the Middle East, with a focus on Central and East Asia, especially China