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Research Areas 2015/16

Society and Justice

Research projects on topics such as fines, imprisonment and monetised justice; socialist imaginaries of proletarians in Germany, corruption in early modern Europe and more.

Environmental Humanities

Research projects concerned with the European history of coal; "environmental literary studies", reflections on environmental changes in the era of industrialisation and more.


Research projects on topics such as religious peace in late 17th century Europe; Contemporary Qur'anic exegesis in historical perspective; global transformations of Catholicism and more.

French History and Thought

Research projects on various aspects of French history, politics, literature, philosophy and language.


Various research projects in the field of neuro technology, biomedical microtechnology, neural networks but also embodiment and perspective-taking in fiction.

Molecular Biology and Ageing

Research Focus "Membrane Trafficking in Aging and Disease" and individual research projects in the field of molecular- and computatational biology.

Biological, Chemical and Technical Engineering

Research groups and fellows in the fields of biology, chemical epigenetics and micro technology.

Literature and Media Sciences

Research projects on linguistic innovations in TV dialogues; "ecopoetics"; perspective taking in 20th century fiction and more.


Research projects in the field of linguistics on topics such as language and motor processing; connections between linguistic diversity, biodiversity and poverty and more.


Research projects in the fields of History of Art; Medieval Studies; Early Modern History; Contemporary History and European economic, social and environmental history.


Projects within the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the Natural and Life Sciences.