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Instructional Development Award (IDA) of the University of Freiburg for FRIAS-Director Bernd Kortmann and his team

Online learning platform for Law and English Studies as well as 'research stops' as web applications: the University of Freiburg has granted these three projects its teaching development award, the "Instructional Development Award" (IDA), worth 70.000 Euros.

The projects are planned for 18 months, starting with the winter term 2016/17. During this time, the laureates dispose of funding that allows them financial and temporal freedom to advance their projects. For example, they can finance a teaching replacement or hire research assistants. The funding comes from the programme line "Structural models for the introductory study phase" of the MInistry of Science, Research and the Arts in Baden Württemberg, as well as the Federal-Länder Programme "Qualitätspakt Lehre".

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kortmann, Katja Roller and Marten Juskan (Faculty of Philology, English Department): “FREDDIE (FReiburg English Dialect Database for Instruction and E-learning) – A multimedia platform for research- and corpus-based learning in linguistics and beyond”

In this project, the UK dialect collection FRED (FReiburg English Dialect corpus) will be further developed into a multimedia teaching and learning platform called FREDDIE. FRED is a database – the largest of its kind worldwide – compiled at the English Department of the University of Freiburg, Germany, with transcripts adding up to 2.5 million words and 300 hours of audio material for dialects of English from more than 40 counties in England, Wales and Scotland. On the basis of these authentic data, the online portal FREDDIE will provide access to additional materials and many new features such as tutorial videos, scripts for semi-automatic analyses, and emulations of suitable software (e.g. AntConc and R). Students will be enabled to understand and experience research processes autonomously and in great detail, from data editing via data analysis, including statistical analysis, to the professional presentation of results. FREDDIE will be freely accessible online and thus facilitate research- and corpus-based teaching and learning not only for undergraduate and graduate students of English Linguistics in Freiburg, but also for classroom use and self-study worldwide.

For more information on FREDDIE and FRED, please consult

Further projects:

Prof. Dr. Roland Hefendehl & Team (Law Faculty, Institute for Criminology and Commercial Criminal Law): „Jurcoach 2.0 – The next step to the future“

Further information at

Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch, Dr. Helmut Saurer, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Brather (Faculty for the Environment and Natural Resources, Department  for Remote Sensing and geographical information systems and the Department for Physical Geography as well as the Faculty for Philosophy, Department for Archeology): „Science Trails Freiburg – Von der Vorlesung in die Praxis: Veranschaulichung theoretisch vermittelten Wissens anhand von 12 Wissenschafts-Stationen in Freiburg und Umgebung“