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MIASA Interdisciplinary Fellow Group 2021
MIASA Tandem Fellowships 2020/21
MIASA Individual Fellowships 2020/21
MIASA Fellowships 2020 “Governance of Energy Transitions in the Global South”
MIASA Fellowships on Sustainable Rural Transformation 2020
FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme 2020/21
FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme 2019/20
FRIAS Senior Fellowships 2019/20
FRIAS Junior Fellowships 2019/20
FRIAS Project Groups 2019/20
FRIAS Junior Researcher Conferences 2019/20
FRESCO Integrative Biological Signalling Programme 2018/19
VW / Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships 2019/20
FRIAS Project Groups 2018/19
FRIAS Research Foci 2019/20
Freiburg-Penn State Collaboration Development Program 2018
FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme 2018/19
FRIAS Senior Fellowships 2018/19
FRIAS Junior Researcher Conferences 2018/19
FRIAS Junior Fellowships 2018/19
VolkswagenStiftung and Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships 2018/19
Call for Applications EURIAS Fellowship programme 2018/2019
Ausschreibung FRIAS Forschungsschwerpunkte 2018/19
Call for Joint Project Groups between FRIAS and Nagoya IAR 2018-19
Call for Applications: Joint Research Groups Freiburg-Strasbourg 2017-19
Call for Applications: FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme (FCFP) 2017/18
Call for Applications: FRIAS Project Groups 2017/18
Call for Applications: FRIAS Junior Researcher Conferences 2017/18
Call for Applications: FRIAS Junior Fellowships 2017/18
Call for Applications: VW-Stiftung/Mellon Foundation: Postdoctoral Fellowships