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Hartmut Neven (Google): Artificial Intelligence or: Why Google is Building a Quantum Computer

Lecture by the development manager of the Google A.I. Quantum Laboratorium, Hartmut Neven, on March 8, 2016

Hartmut Neven is a leading expert in the fields of: quantum computing, computer vision, robotics and computational neuroscience. He is best known for his work in face- and object recognition and machine learning. Moreover, as one of the former development managers of Google Googles and Co-Founder of the Google Glass project, he is one of the pioneers in the area of visual search technologies. Currently, Neven is working in a team of worldwide leading quantum researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara, as development manager of the Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab. The team is working on the development and improvement of artificial intelligence as well as the enhancement of the processing power of computer systems. As a collaborative project by Google, the US-space agency Nasa and the Universities Space Research Association, a union of more than 100 universities with higher education studies in Aeronautics Research, the team aims to develop and build new quantum information processors.