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Sciences Colloquium - Conrad Mullineaux (Microbiology): Visualising intercellular communication in multicellular bacteria

Wann 16.12.2014
von 12:15 bis 13:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203-97362
Teilnehmer universitätsoffen / open to university members
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Filamentous cyanobacteria are truly multicellular prokaryotes, with multiple co-operating cell types. The multicellular lifestyle of these complex bacteria depends on the intercellular exchange of signals and metabolites. I will discuss work by my group and collaborators using fluorescent tracer molecules to visualise and quantify intercellular molecular exchange in filamentous cyanobacteria. This work has led to the characterisation of "septal junctions": structures that allow small molecules to diffuse from cell to cell and are functionally analogous to the gap junctions of metazoans.