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Black Forest Retreat 3: Suits and Power Point. What Makes an Academic?

The main purpose of the workshop is to take advantage of the interdisciplinary set-up of FRIAS to learn from each other. We are interested in discussing our different views on what constitutes interesting research problems, how we solve or treat them, what we consider a solution, what we consider high quality work, in what ways we cooperate with other researchers and so on. We would like to take a step back from our daily routines, get to know other points of view, and thus also gain a clearer understanding of our own premises and methods. An institute like FRIAS, to our minds, offers ideal opportunities for doing so.
Wann 16.04.2012 um 09:00 bis
17.04.2012 um 16:00
Wo Höhengasthaus Kolmenhof
Kontakttelefon 0761/203-97362
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What Makes an Academic?
Now we would like to focus on the people conducting the work, on the academics themselves,
on the behaviour and attitudes which ‘make’ them academics. We are interested, for example,
in the differences and similarities between what characterizes a scientist and a scholar. In
short, we would like to examine what sociologists call the academic “habitus”.
How are you recognised as a member of the scientific community? Is there a typical
behaviour in your community? Does each discipline have a unique “code of conduct”? What
does a presentation look like in your discipline? How is it discussed? What does a successful
academic look like? How does s/he present her/himself? Are there national differences?
Gender differences? Do they matter? How does the style influence the acceptance of a paper?
Does power point never lie? How do you recognise a competent scientist or scholar when you
meet one? How do you recognise an incompetent one? Does s/he wear a jacket and never a tshirt?
Or vice versa?

In the workshop, we will work in interdisciplinary small groups, tackling different aspects of
our topic. Participants will first discuss these aspects within their group; following upon that,
each group will have a slot for presentation, followed by a discussion focusing on disciplinary
differences with regard to the design of our topics.