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Symposium: Hot issues in wildlife management: from individuals to populations

Wann 27.02.2017 um 00:00 bis
28.02.2017 um 00:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203-97362
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On February 27-28 the Freiburg institute for Advanced Studies, in collaboration with the Chair of Wildlife Ecology and Management (University of Freiburg) will host a 2-day Symposium entitled “Hot issues in wildlife management: from individuals to populations”. 

The management of wildlife, be the goal the conservation of threatened species or the provisioning of hunting opportunities, is often tackled at the population level, with little concern about within-population patterns and processes. Increasing evidence, however, suggests that individual-based studies may offer precious insight into the optimization of management approaches.

The Symposium will bring together 8 leading experts from all over Europe to discuss some hot issues in wildlife ecology and management: climate change, habitat use, population dynamics, population monitoring, hunting management, reintroductions, alien species and human dimension will be discussed with emphasis on the individual behavioural and life-history traits.