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Project meeting - How to do things with quotes

Wann 23.11.2017 um 09:00 bis
24.11.2017 um 17:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203-97362
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How to do things with quotes

The past decade has witnessed an increasing interest in the semantics, pragmatics and discourse properties of quotations and, more generally, of intertextual references. As a fundamental indirect communicative strategy, intertextual references are ubiquitous in oral, written and online genres. They serve manifold purposes, such as argumentation from analogy or contrast, delegitimisation of others, evaluation of the source itself, self-staging, entertaining the audience, or building social identity. They may refer to virtually any kind of sources, to mention but: pop songs, films, TV serials, slogans, ads, jokes, literary fiction, proverbs, fairy tales, dictionaries, philosophical, scientific, political, religious and legal texts.

Moreover, they are often accompanied by and/or integrated in other communicative strategies, such as: conventional and innovative metaphors, irony/sarcasm, rhetorical questions and (in multilingual settings) code-switching, which may enhance the effects intended by the current speaker. On the other hand, they can lead to communicative challenges by recipients/other speakers who may choose to challenge the accuracy of the quotation, its pertinence to the topic at hand or its presuppositions and implicatures.

The meeting aims at formulating a set of coherent research questions and potential funding and publication perspectives to analyse the new functions of various types of intertextual references, especially with view to how lack of explicitness can be compensated by other communicative effects.


Organisers: Constantina Fotiou (Cyprus), Anita Fetzer (Augsburg), Sonja Kleinke (Heidelberg), Andreas Musolff (FRIAS/UEA), Daniel Weiss (Zürich)